Board of Health Agendas, Minutes, Audio & Video Recordings

Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 241.020 requires that written notice of all meetings be given at least three working days before the meeting. The notice shall include the time, place, location, and agenda of the meeting.

Minutes of public meetings are available for download. Minutes are posted once they have been approved by the Board at the next scheduled meeting. Video recordings are posted within ten business days of the meeting. Video recordings may not be available for all meetings.

Complete a Public Records Request Form if the public record you need is not available to download.

CHO Succession Committee2019November 14Agenda
Finance Committee Meeting2019October 30AgendaMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019October 24Agenda
Advisory Board Meeting2019October 14AgendaMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019September 26AgendaMinutesVideo
District Board of Health Meeting2019August 22AgendaMinutesVideo
District Board of Health Meeting2019July 25AgendaMinutesVideo
Advisory Board Meeting2019July 8AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019June 27AgendaMinutesVideo
Nomination of Officers Committee Meeting2019June 27AgendaMinutesMP3
Environmental Health Fee Committee Meeting2019June 11AgendaMinutesMP3
Environmental Health Fee Committee Meeting2019May 29AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019May 23AgendaMinutesVideo (1 of 2)
Video (2 of 2)
Environmental Health Fee Committee Meeting2019May 07AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019April 25AgendaMinutesVideo
Advisory Board Meeting2019April 8AgendaMinutesMP3
Environmental Health Fee Committee Meeting2019April 5AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019March 28AgendaMinutesVideo
Environmental Health Fee Committee Meeting2019March 25AgendaMinutesMP3
Finance Committee Meeting2019March 25AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019February 28AgendaMinutesVideo
Chief Health Officer Annual Review2019February 26AgendaMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2019January 24AgendaMinutesVideo
Advisory Board Meeting2019January 14AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018November 15AgendaMinutes
Finance Committee Meeting2018October 30AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018October 25AgendaMinutesVideo
Advisory Board Meeting2018October 08Agenda
District Board of Health Meeting2018September 27AgendaMinutesVideo
Finance Committee Meeting2018September 20AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018August 23
Meeting Cancelled
District Board of Health Meeting2018July 26AgendaVideo
Advisory Board Meeting2018July 09AgendaMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018June 28AgendaMinutesVideo
Nomination of Officers Committee Meeting2018June 25AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018May 24Agenda MinutesVideo
At Large Member Selection Committee Meeting2018May 22AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018April 26AgendaMinutesVideo (1 of 2)
Video (2 of 2)
Advisory Board Meeting2018April 09AgendaMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018March 22AgendaMinutesVideo
Finance Committee Meeting2018March 12AgendaMinutesMP3
District Board of Health Meeting2018February 22AgendaMinutesVideo
District Board of Health Meeting2018January 25AgendaMinutesVideo
Advisory Board Meeting2018January 23AgendaMinutes

NOTE: Disabled members of the public who require special accommodations or assistance at the meeting are requested to notify Jacqueline Wells or Michelle Nath in Administration at the Southern Nevada Health District by calling (702) 759-1201.


  1. CLARK COUNTY GOVERNMENT CENTER, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, NV;
  2. LAS VEGAS CITY HALL, 495 S. Main Street, Las Vegas, NV;
  3. NORTH LAS VEGAS CITY HALL, 2250 Las Vegas Blvd North, North Las Vegas, NV;
  4. HENDERSON CITY HALL, 200 Water Street, Henderson, NV;
  5. BOULDER CITY, CITY HALL, 401 California Avenue, Boulder City, NV;
  6. MESQUITE CITY HALL, 10 E. Mesquite Boulevard, Mesquite, NV;
  7. SOUTHERN NEVADA HEALTH DISTRICT, 280 S. Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107
  8. Nevada Public Notice website at .

This Agenda is available on the Southern Nevada Health District Internet Website at For copies of agenda backup material, please contact Margo Slater at (702) 759-0750. In addition, handouts are available at the date and time of the meeting at: 280 S. Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107.

Updated on: November 8, 2019