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National Medical Reserve Corps
Mission – The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is to improve the health and safety of communities across the country by organizing and utilizing public health, medical, and other volunteers.

The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a national program created after 9/11 to provide a mechanism to pre-register, train, and credential medical and other workers to deploy in a disaster. Most units, including MRC of Southern Nevada, are housed in a public health agency; the entire MRC has a public health focus. For more information on the national program, please visit https://aspr.hhs.gov/MRC/Pages/index.aspx.

Medical Reserve Corps of Southern Nevada
Mission – Assist the Southern Nevada Health District and partner agencies in improving the public health of the citizens of Clark County by utilizing pre-identified public health, medical, and other volunteers.

MRC of Southern Nevada is a cadre of medical and non-medical volunteers who are pre-identified, credentialed, trained, background-checked, and ready to be deployed in case of a disaster. Periodically, MRC volunteers are asked to participate in preparedness exercises and drills and are offered training. In a disaster, MRC Volunteers help the health district limit the spread or impact of disease. Some emergency activities may include augmenting medical and non-medical staffing at SNHD or a medical facility, assisting with the dispensing of medications, assisting with disease surveillance or notifications, or assisting at a staging area to organize other volunteers. Throughout the year, MRC volunteers serve at the Southern Nevada Health District and in the community at first aid stations and health fairs. Medical personnel may volunteer for first aid roles and health metrics like blood pressure checks, and non-medical personnel volunteer for roles such as clerical, customer service, and distributing preparedness and health information.

All MRC Volunteers are required to complete FEMA IS 100 and IS 700 online classes. These courses describe the command structure that agencies assume when working in a disaster, and they are a requirement for our funding. They are available at this link https://training.fema.gov/nims/.

To apply, please go to https://www.servnv.org/ and complete the application, choosing the Medical Reserve Corps of Southern Nevada for your Organization. If you wish to be called in the case of a large-scale emergency in Nevada or a neighboring state, then add the Statewide Volunteer Pool to your Organizations as well.

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Updated on: May 3, 2022

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