//Beginner’s Guide to the Subdivision Review Process

Beginner’s Guide to the Subdivision Review Process

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The subdivision review process begins when tentative maps, final maps and improvement plans are submitted with plan review fees. Other documents may be required depending on the type and location of the subdivision.

Note: Maps and plans must be submitted in order. You may submit maps and plans as follows:

  • Tentative Map or
  • Tentative and Final Maps together or
  • Tentative Maps, Final Maps and Improvement Plans together

See Tentative Map, Final Map and Improvement Plan webpages for more information.


The plan review fee is due with the improvement plans. We will not accept the fee without the improvement plans. Visit the Fee Schedule webpage for details.

Approval Process

Written notice of the plan review status will be sent approximately 30 days after submission.

If you have not received a letter, call subdivision plan review approximately 30 days after submission for status of your review.

Maps can be approved even if revisions are required. However, all revisions must be addressed before the final map Mylar is signed.

Improvement plans will not be approved if revisions are required. Improvement plan resubmittal fees will also be required. Visit the Improvement Plans webpage for more information.

The final map Mylar may be brought in for signature upon completion of the following conditions:

  • Health district approval of tentative and final maps
  • Health district approval of improvement plans
  • All conditions from health district comment letters are addressed
  • Written approval from the sewer utility (will serve letter)
  • Written approval from the water utility (will serve letter)
  • Written approval from the Division of Environmental Protection, if needed
  • Fees are paid

Visit the Helpful Tips webpage for tips on expediting your submittals.

Contact Information

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Updated on: August 12, 2021

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