Cottage Food Operations

Nevada state law (NRS 446 as amended by SB 206 PDF) allows for the registration of a Cottage Food Operation. A registered Cottage Food Operation may produce non-potentially hazardous foods, within certain limitations, for sale to the public from the home or farmer’s market, swap meet, church bazaar, garage sale or craft fair. Online sales are prohibited.

Cottage Food Operation means a natural person who manufactures or prepares food items in his or her private home or, if allowed by the health authority, in the kitchen of a fraternal or social clubhouse, a school or a religious, charitable or other nonprofit organization, for sale to a natural person for consumption and whose gross sales of such food items are not more than $35,000 per calendar year.

The Cottage Food Registration Application Packet contains:

  1. An Application
  2. Registration and Label Review Process Instructions
  3. A Food Labeling Guide
  4. Kitchen Sanitation & Food Safety Guidelines

Eligible Cottage Food Items are:

  1. Nuts and nut mixes;
  2. Candies;
  3. Jams, jellies and preserves;
  4. Vinegar and flavored vinegar;
  5. Dry herbs and seasoning mixes;
  6. Dried fruits;
  7. Cereals, trail mixes and granola;
  8. Popcorn and popcorn balls; or
  9. Baked goods that:
    1. Are not potentially hazardous foods;
    2. Do not contain cream, uncooked egg, custard, meringue or cream cheese frosting or garnishes; and
    3. Do not require time or temperature controls for food safety.

Read Cottage Food Operation FAQ.

Read the full statute for details www.leg.state.nv.us.

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Updated on: July 11, 2021

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