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HIV Care Services – Ryan White Program

The goal of the Ryan White Program (RW) Care Services is to provide patient centered services to individuals living with HIV, link them to the health care services they need, and ensure they remain in care. The RW team includes providers, clinic nurses and medical assistants, RW Eligibility Workers, Nurse Case Managers, a Social Worker, and Community Health Workers.


HIV / AIDS Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS HIV? HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus and it weakens the body’s immune system (your defense against infections). It is the virus that causes AIDS. The virus may be passed from one person to another when infected blood, semen or vaginal secretions come in contact with an uninfected person’s broken skin or mucous membranes. (A mucous membrane is wet, thin tissue found in certain openings to the human body, including the mouth, eyes, nose, vagina, rectum, and the opening of the penis.)


Rapid HIV Testing/Counseling Certification Program

This is a week long course designed to provide the attendee with all of the necessary information to conduct rapid HIV testing in our community. The breakdown of the course is below. In order to receive a certificate, you must attend all classes. This certificate is required by the State Laboratory Licensing Bureau for the CLIA waver to conduct on site Rapid HIV testing.

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