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The goal of the Ryan White Program (RW) Care Services is to provide patient centered services to individuals living with HIV, link them to the health care services they need, and ensure they remain in care. The RW team includes providers, clinic nurses and medical assistants, RW Eligibility Workers, Nurse Case Managers, a Social Worker, and Community Health Workers.

Rapid stART is a program that enables medical care to new and confirmed HIV positive diagnosis. Once the individual has been given their diagnosis, Rapid stART allows same day medication, additional lab testing, Ryan White Eligibility and Case Management services. Additionally, linkage to care is an essential part of the program and provides patient with the necessary medical and social care. Most major insurances are accepted, those who are uninsured will still be seen. This program encourages early treatment for newly diagnosed as it has been proven that quality of life is increased. If you or anyone you know is interested and eligible please call (702)-234-0429.

To ensure individualized care, SNHD RW Program include a team of dedicated personnel who assist patients in each step of the way towards achieving improved health outcomes and successful self-management of HIV disease.  They meet daily to review the day’s schedule and develop plans to best meet the specific needs of each patient.  Depending on the patient’s needs and staff availability, same-day services may be provided. Decisions are based on patient preferences, allowing team members to focus on the patient and develop a relationship of trust.

Early Intervention Services / Linkage Services

  • Initial assessment of needs conducted by a social worker
  • Referrals initiated to assist with immediate needs
  • Referral to providers for HIV medical management

Ryan White (RW) Eligibility & Enrollment Services

  • Screening for RW program eligibility
  • Referral for assistance in obtaining HIV meds
  • Non-RW eligible patients receive referrals to available resources

Medical Case Management

  • Medical case managers (MCM) include nurses, social workers, or specially trained staff
  • Provide guidance and advocacy to patients in managing own health
  • MCM may provide home visits, accompany patients to initial health care appointments, provide education and referrals, and coordinate services
  • All pregnant and post-partum women and pediatric patients are eligible for case management services

Community Health Workers

  • One-on-one patient navigation assistance
  • Help patients connect with their providers and with available services

Pharmacy Services

  • Fill medications
  • One-on-one consultation with a pharmacist

Contact Information

(702) 759-0800

Merylyn Yegon

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