AIDS Fraud

“If it sounds too good to be true…it probably is!”
“Ignorance can be as deadly as the disease”
“Help prevent AIDS Fraud in Nevada”

AIDS Health Fraud is the deceptive promotion, advertisement, distribution or sale of products represented as being effective to diagnose, prevent, cure, treat, or mitigate HIV/AIDS, or provide a beneficial effect on health, but which have not been scientifically proven safe and effective for such purposes.

Such practices may be deliberate or done without adequate knowledge or understanding of the products.

HIV/AIDS Health Fraud Is Dangerous!

Fraudulent products are not properly tested and may harm you – they could even kill you. If you use products or treatments that don’t work, you may delay getting proper care and your illness may get worse.

Although there is no known cure for AIDS, there are legitimate treatments that extend and improve the quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS. Fraudulent products or treatments waste your money and health insurance usually does not cover the costs.

Take Your Time

Don’t feel pressured to make an immediate decision.

Get more information from an AIDS service organization, AIDS hotline or a physician knowledgeable about HIV/AIDS or other health care provider before trying the product or service.

The Choice Is Yours!

You must make the final choice when it comes to your health care. While some alternatives or complementary products or treatments may help people, others may have no effect or even worse, may harm people.

The Office of AIDS wants to provide you with information so you can make wise choices, find the best possible care, and avoid wasting time and money.

Questions To Ask

  • Is the product or treatment available from multiple sources? If not, why not?
  • What evidence do you have that the product or treatment works?
  • Can you provide me printed material to take home?
  • Has the product or treatment been approved by the Food and Drug Administration?
  • For what use was the product approved?
  • What training or experience in treating HIV/AIDS does the provider have?
  • What are the risks of using this product or treatment?

Don’t Be Fooled

Be suspicious of any claim that a product or treatment can cure or prevent HIV or AIDS. Question any product or treatment that:

  • Is “guaranteed,” “secret,” or “suppressed.”
  • Is claimed to boost or enhance your immune system.
  • Requires or urges you to stop other prescribed treatments or medication.
  • You’re not supposed to talk about or tell your health care provider about.
  • Is an “experimental” drug that you have to pay for – experimental drugs and treatments are almost always free to patients in drug studies or treatment.
  • Uses personal success stories or testimonials to sell the product or treatment.
  • Is sold to cure or prevent cancer or other illnesses in addition to HIV/AIDS.
  • Was discovered or tested in “another country.”
  • Comes with misinformation about how you can get or prevent HIV/AIDS.
  • Mentions “conspiracy” (e.g. by government, drug companies, etc.)

Help Stop Fraud

If you know or suspect a business or person is making false or unproven claims about health products or services, you can help stop them and protect others by reporting the activity.

You can report suspected fraud by calling the Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection in Las Vegas at (702) 486-3194, in Reno at (775) 687-6300, or online at www.ag.state.nv.us.

The AIDS Health Fraud Network of Nevada

The AIDS Health Fraud Network of Nevada was formed in 1998, and members include representatives of local community HIV/AIDS service organizations, people with HIV/AIDS, health care providers, and representatives from public health and law enforcement agencies.

The purpose of the network is to provide accurate information and referrals to assist people in making informed choices about HIV/AIDS health care. For more information visit their website at healthfraud.org/nv or contact them at (702) 759-0723.

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Updated on:  December 24, 2018