Modify Existing Permit

An application to modify a permit submittal shall include the following:

  • Electronic submittal to Health District’s Solid Waste Portal of all modification permit application documents and drawings.
  • Description in sufficient detail the nature and magnitude of the proposed modification.
  • Take into account any change in footprint (square and cubic yards) that may be affected, the addition of new equipment and personnel and potential changes to the report of design, plan for operating, increased closure costs, changes to financial assurance. Those and other items will be briefly addressed herein; and completely addressed in each of the impacted tabs.
  • Permit application forms to operate or modify a solid waste management facility must be completely filled out and include the following:
    • Table of contents listing ALL sheets submitted and a short description of each sheet.
    • Each sheet must have the modification date, modification number, permit number and facility name on the bottom (i.e. Mod1-yyyymmdd).
    • Each new or revised sheet, drawing or sketch shall display all changes in red, bolded, revision cloud or highlighted with a yellow background.
    • Fees (refer to Fee Schedule).
    • Provide any other documents since the last permit that may be incorporated into this modification.

Contact Information

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Updated on: October 10, 2018

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