///Residential Septic System Permit Requirements

Residential Septic System Permit Requirements

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Due to COVID-19 we cannot accept in-person appointments at this time. All submittals must be in electronic format. You can email your submittal request and appropriate plans to septics@snhd.org. Please allow one working day for staff to respond. We apologize for the incovnenience.

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If you are doing new residential construction that includes a septic system, you will need to complete the residential septic tank permit requirements.

Appointments are required to submit your application. Call (702) 759-0660 to scheduled an appointment.

New Location:

Southern Nevada Health District Main Facility
280 S. Decatur Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89107

The counter is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. (Closed noon – 1 p.m. for lunch).

The permit fee is $551 and is due when you submit the paperwork.

Cash, debit, Visa, MasterCard, money order, cashier’s checks, and business checks are accepted at all locations except Laughlin. At the Laughlin location cash is not accepted.

The application will be filled out by a health district staff member when all required items are submitted:

  1. One set of building plans.
  2. Tax assessor parcel number.
  3. Copy of recorded deed for property.
  4. Plot plan must be drawn to scale and include: (Use standard Engineer or Architect Scales only)
    • Lot lines, including dimensions
    • All structures (house, garage, storage shed, temporary trailer, pool, pool equipment, etc.)
    • All driveways
    • Location of well and/or neighboring wells, if applicable
    • Water meter and water lines
    • Watercourses (wash, flood control channel, irrigation ditch, etc.)
    • Street name(s)
    • Directional arrow
    • Distance from septic system to house, well, property line, water line, proposed swimming pool, etc.
    • Location of all septic tanks and leach fields on the property (see sample plot plan PDF 67KB). If installing a chamber (infiltrator) type field, please request an information packet with applicable details.
  5. Municipal water – if property served by municipal water (other than LVWWD), a “will serve” letter is required.
  6. Private well – copy of Well Driller’s Report
  7. Community well – copy of Well Driller’s Report
  8. If property has been divided by parcel map, need copy of recorded parcel map or recorded subdivision map.
  9. Additional information may be required. This determination will be made on an individual basis.

Note: No portion of the septic system can be under a driveway or any area subject to vehicular traffic. No trees within 10 feet of the septic system.

All permits are reviewed when submitted. However, permits will only be released upon approval of the sewer authority. The approval process takes one to two business days.

Fixture Unit Calculation – multiply each fixture you have by the number of units to get the Total Fixture Units. Note: If existing, the fixture unit count may be different.

Fixture Unit Calculator

Fixture Type Number of Fixtures Multiply By Fixtures Unit Fixtures unit
Bidet 2 units 0
Water closets (or Toilets) 2 units 0
Bathtubs 2 units 0
Showers 2 units 0
Lavs (or Hand Sinks) 1 units 0
Kitchen Sink 2 units 0
Clothes Washer 2 units 0
Laundry Tub 1 units 0
Vegetable Sink 1 units 0
Wet Bar 1 units 0
Floor Drain 2 units 0
Total Fixture Units 0
Septic System Minimum Sizing
Percolation Rate* (Minutes per Inch)
Min. Septic Tank Size (Gallons) 0
Min. Leach Field for Pipe and Gravel (Sq. Ft) 0
Min. Leach Field for Chambers (Sq. Ft) 0
*15 Minutes per inch is standard for Clark County without a percolation test. Do not change this number unless a percolation test was done by a Professional Engineer (PE) licensed in Nevada.

Recommended Dimensions of Pipe & Gravel Leach Field

775 square feet 935 square feet 1165 square feet 1550 square feet 1745 square feet 1940 square feet
12 x 65 12 x 78
18 x 43 18 x 52 18 x 65 18 x 86 18 x 97
24 x 33 24 x 39 24 x 49 24 x 65 24 x 73 24 x 81
30 x 26 30 x 31 30 x39 30 x 52 30 x 58 30 x 65
36 x 43 36 x 49 36 x 54
42 x 47

Minimum Horizontal Separation Distance

Minimum Horizontal Separation Distance From: Septic Tank (in feet) Shallow Absorption System* Deep Absorption System **
Building or Structure 8 8 20
Property Line 10 10 10
Water Supply – Wells 100 100 150
Streams or Watercourses 100 100 150
Soil Disposal Systems 5
Community Water Main Lines 10 25 25
Individual Water Service Lines 10 25 25
* Four feet deep or less from ground surface to bottom of system
** Greater than 4 feet deep from ground surface to bottom of system two percolation tests and soil borings will be required.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0660


Updated on: December 30, 2020

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