///Applying for a New Health Permit FAQ

Applying for a New Health Permit FAQ

Download and complete the applicable application packet. Read the instructions for submission thoroughly and sign. Submit the application packet along with the required documents listed in the Minimum Requirements for Submission to foodrev@snhd.org. If you have trouble downloading the application or submitting the documents, you may either call (702) 759-1258 or email our administrative staff at foodrev@snhd.org.

The cost of a new health permit is the sum of the plan review and annual permit fee and varies by permit type. The EH Fee Schedule lists the various permit types and associated fees. The fees are assessed after plans are reviewed and the type and number of permits that are required for your establishment have been established. Plan review fees are non-refundable.

All applicants for a new health permit are required to submit the items below. Some permit types require additional supporting documents. Please review the Minimum Requirements for Plan Submission for a complete list. Incomplete application packets will not be scheduled for a plan review.

  • A completed application and signed Instructions for Submission of Plans for Review.
  • A contact person who can answer questions about the facility operation and plans.
  • Proof of Ownership in the form of a Lease, Deed, or other legal document granting permission for the permit applicant to operate at the specified physical location.
  • Plans & Specifications (New and Remodel only): Submit plans in electronic format (PDF). Plans must include: Equipment layout and specifications; plumbing supply lines, waste lines, and fixtures; finishes of floors, walls, and ceilings; and lighting. You may also include photos as needed.
  • Other documents as specified based on permit type

The person in charge must verify that the operation is ready for customers prior to the final permitting inspection. Please review the Minimum Requirements for Final Permitting Inspections for a list of key items. For additional regulatory requirements, please visit our Permits and Regulations page and refer to the full regulation text.

You may call or email our Plan Review administrative staff at (702) 759-1258 or foodrev@snhd.org.

A health permit is often required prior to receiving approval for a business license. It is advisable to apply for a business license with the Nevada Secretary of State and the City or County having jurisdiction prior to applying for a health permit. The ownership information and business name on the business license must match the information on the health permit application.

The permit holder or owner is the person or entity that is legally responsible for the business. This may be a Sole Proprietor (an individual person) or a corporation, LLC, partnership, a Trust, etc. The owner on record with Business Licensing must match the owner of record on the health permit and lease or deed.

Two construction progress checks or walkthroughs are included in the plan review fee along with the final permitting inspection. The progress checks or walkthroughs are not required but are strongly recommended for all new construction. Additional field inspections are subject to additional fees. Please plan ahead as appointments may be up to 4 weeks out during peak times.

If plans have changed significantly, they may require another full review. If this is the case, a resubmittal fee will be assessed. Minor changes may be submitted without additional fees.

Stamped plans are not required but may be requested by the inspector if necessary. Additionally:

  • Plans are required for NEW and Remodel projects, but not usually for Change of Permit Holder applicants.
  • It is preferred that plans are submitted in electronic format (PDF).
  • Plans must include: Equipment layout and specifications; plumbing supply lines, waste lines, and fixtures; finishes of floors, walls, and ceilings; and lighting.
  • Plans may be hand drawn, but all items must be clearly identified. If drawings are not legible or detailed enough, they will not be approved.

If the facility does not meet the minimum requirements for approval, the health permit may not be approved. A failed final permitting inspection requires a reinspection with an associated fee.

You may reschedule or cancel a plan review inspection by notifying your inspector by phone or email. You may use the Inspector Directory as needed to locate the inspector’s contact information. Failure to cancel or reschedule a field appointment prior to the inspector’s arrival may result in a missed appointment fee.

It is standard practice for the Plan Review inspector and an Operations inspector to be present at the final permitting inspection. The Operations inspector will perform unannounced inspections after the health permit is approved and he/she can answer any operational questions that you may have moving forward.

Food may not be stocked until the health permit is approved. Non-food items such as paper goods and kitchenware may be stocked so long as they are not contaminated by ongoing construction or maintenance tasks.

Yes, the inspector must be able to verify that the equipment is in working order. For example:

  • All refrigerators must be at 41°F or colder; all freezers and hot holding equipment must be operating at proper temperatures.
  • All sinks must have hot water (minimum 100°F at hand sinks; 120°F at three-compartment sinks, preparation sinks, mop sinks, etc.) and be stocked with soap and paper towels.
  • Ventilation systems and hoods must be operational.

The most common required signs are:

  • No smoking signs (where smoking is prohibited)
  • “Use a Clean Plate” signs (at self-service buffet lines)
  • “Raw or Undercooked” foods warning (reminder statement and disclosure on menu)
  • Health Warning for Pregnant Women (where alcoholic beverages served)

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