Section 5 — Responsible Person and Event Coordinator

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5.1 Responsible person

5.1.1 The Health Permit holder for a tattoo establishment may designate a responsible person to act on his behalf within the establishment. The owner must notify the Health Authority in writing of any designation, providing the name and contact information for the responsible person.

5.1.2 The responsible person must ensure that all applicable permits, licenses, work cards, and Tattoo Operator Health Cards that are required to be visible to patrons and the public are properly displayed in the locations indicated by the Health Authority and other agencies of jurisdiction.

5.1.3 The responsible person is held accountable for compliance with all requirements issued by all relevant state, county, and local agencies of jurisdiction where the tattoo establishment conducts business.

5.1.4 Violation of any one or a combination of these requirements by the tattoo establishment, the responsible person, any employee, tattoo operator, or visiting artist may result in the suspension of the tattoo establishment’s Health Permit and interruption of business operations while the matter is resolved with the affected agency of jurisdiction.

5.1.5 The responsible person may also act as an event coordinator during a Body Art Special Event (hereinafter referred to as “Special Event”), but must make separate application for each Special Event he wishes to coordinate.

5.2 Event coordinator

5.2.1 An event coordinator must be designated for each Special Event that is held within Southern Nevada.

5.2.2 The event coordinator must make application and pay applicable fees to the Health Authority thirty (30) days prior to the Special Event to avoid late fees and possible denial of the Health Permit.

5.2.3 It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to organize and ensure that any items needed during the Special Event are provided by the person or agency holding the event. These requirements are located in Section 11 – Body Art Special Events and Permits.

5.2.4 The event coordinator must acknowledge in writing, as part of the application process, that failure to comply with all applicable Regulations may result in immediate revocation of the Special Event Health Permit and the issuance of a Cease and Desist Order to all of the tattoo operators at the event.

5.2.5 The event coordinator may be held responsible for the actions of visiting artists who do not comply with these Regulations. The event coordinator, the event sponsor, and the visiting artist all may be subject to enforcement actions.

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