Section 11 — Body Art Special Event Permits

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11.1 Special Event permit application

11.1.1 A Body Art Special Event Health Permit (formerly known as “Temporary Demonstration Health Permit” and referred to here as the “Event Permit”) may be issued by the Health Authority for educational, sales, or convention purposes.

11.1.2 The Event Permit can be valid from one (1) to fifteen (15) days. The length of event determines the necessary fees based on the Health Authority’s current Fee Schedule.

11.1.3 Under the Event Permit, it is permissible to charge the patron for tattoo services.

11.1.4 A person who wishes to obtain an Event Permit must submit a “Body Art Special Event Health Permit Person/Business Name Application” to the Health Authority, at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. Information required for the application is found in Appendix I.

11.2 Special Event coordinator

11.2.1 Each convention or other entity hosting a Special Event must designate a Special Event coordinator who is responsible for each booth’s compliance with the applicable Regulations and operational procedures over the span of the Special Event.

11.2.2 The event coordinator must make application and pay all applicable fees designated by the Health Authority.

11.2.3 If there is only one vendor at the Special Event, then an event coordinator is not required.

11.2.4 The event coordinator must be available during the inspection of the booth(s) and throughout the duration of the Special Event.

11.3 Special Event operator fee

All individual tattoo operators or visiting artists must pay a Special Event operator fee as designated by the Health Authority at the time of application for the Special Event.

11.4 Special Event operational requirements

11.4.1 The Event Permit must be posted at each booth operating during the Special Event. Event Permits are non-transferable to different booths.

11.4.2 The application of tattoos during the Special Event must be conducted inside a permanent building.

11.4.3 Compliance is required with all of the requirements of these Regulations, including but not limited to the availability of: Conveniently located hand washing facilities shall be provided, as approved by the Health Authority, with liquid soap, paper towels and hot and cold water under adequate pressure and drained in accordance with local plumbing codes. Disinfecting single-use hand wipes, approved by the Health Authority, in addition to the hand washing requirements of this Section, must be available in each booth/cubicle. A booth of standard size, which is ten (10) feet by ten (10) feet or one hundred (100) square feet of floor space. Under no circumstances may the booth size exceed one hundred fifty (150) square feet. At least fifty (50) square feet of floor space for each tattoo operator. This is an exception for Special Events only. At least fifty (50) foot-candles of light at the level where the tattoo is being applied. Facilities to properly sterilize instruments. Evidence must be provided that a spore test was performed and passed on sterilization equipment thirty (30) days or less prior to the date of the event or only single-use, prepackaged, sterilized equipment obtained from reputable suppliers or manufacturers will be allowed. Equipment and supplies to properly clean and sanitize the area used for tattooing. Locations and equipment to dispose of correctly all sharps and biohazardous waste. Locations and equipment to dispose of all non-hazardous solid waste.

11.4.4 The facility where the Special Event will be conducted must be inspected by the Health Authority and an Event Permit must be issued prior to the performance of any tattoo procedures.

11.5 Special Event Client Consent Form and patron instructions

11.5.1 A sample Client Consent Form must be submitted with the application and must include locations to document the following information: Name of patron, Age of patron. If the patron is between the ages of fourteen (14) and eighteen (18), appropriate documentation of parental or custodial consent to the procedure, as required in permanent tattoo establishment locations, Address of patron, Date of tattoo application, Tattoo operator’s or visiting artist’s name, Location on the body where the tattoo was placed, A reasonably accurate description of the design of the tattoo that is sufficient to identify it as the tattoo applied by that particular tattoo operator, A statement advising the patron that the tattoo should be considered permanent; that it can only be removed with a surgical procedure; and that any effective removal may leave permanent scarring and disfigurement, Whether or not the patron has a history of jaundice or hepatitis within the twelve (12) months preceding that date.

11.5.2 Following the procedure, the patron must be given both verbal and written instructions concerning the proper care of the skin where the tattoo was applied. Instructions shall specify care following service, possible side effects, and/or activity restrictions.

11.6 Special Event Permit suspension Event Permits issued under the provisions of these Regulations may be suspended by the Health Authority for failure of the permit holder, event coordinator, tattoo operators, or visiting artists to comply with the requirements of these Regulations.

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