Section 10 —Health Card Requirements and Fees

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10.1 Application for Tattoo Operator Health Card

Application for a Tattoo Operator Health Card shall be made to the Health Authority on forms approved by the Health Authority, which contain at least the following information:

10.1.1 Name;

10.1.2 Age;

10.1.3 Sex;

10.1.4 Social Security Number;

10.1.5 Residence address, and mailing address, if different;

10.1.6 Medical history of all communicable diseases;

10.1.7 Current state of health and physical disabilities;

10.1.8 Training and/or experience relating to tattoo or other body art procedures.

10.2 Application acceptance dates

Health Card applications will be accepted on predetermined calendar dates only. This calendar is located on the Health Authority’s website at www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org or can be picked up at the office where application is made.

10.3 Items required for application

The following items must be brought to the SNHD in order to make application for a Tattoo Operator Health Card:

10.3.1 Written proof from a previous employer that the applicant has a minimum of six (6) months’ experience or training as a tattoo operator in a duly-licensed establishment in Nevada, or another state or country. Written proof must: Show current date, Be on company letterhead of former employer, if possible, List specific month and year dates of experience or training, Contain printed name of the person writing the letter of proof, Be signed by the person writing the letter of proof. Copies of these letters must be kept at the physical location of the tattoo establishment.

10.3.2 If the applicant currently does not have training or experience or if documentation of training or experience is unavailable, the applicant can enter into an apprenticeship with a Health Permitted tattoo establishment within Southern Nevada. At the time of application, the applicant must provide written proof from the tattoo establishment stating that the applicant will be apprenticing in the tattoo establishment writing the letter.

10.3.3 Upon completion of at least six (6) months training, the applicant must return to the SNHD with written proof of training and experience as described in Section 10.3.1.

10.3.4 Written verification of employment from the Health Permitted tattoo establishment where the applicant will be operating. This written proof must state clearly that the applicant will be working as a tattoo operator at the given tattoo establishment.

10.3.5 Fees for the written exam (non-refundable) as determined by the Health Authority Fee Schedule.

10.4 Written exam

During the application process, an appointment must be made to return to take the written exam administered by the SNHD regarding basic sanitation knowledge required for safe and sanitary tattoo application. A passing score on the examination is eighty (80) percent or better.

10.4.1 Written exams are held on predetermined calendar days only.

10.4.2 If an applicant does not pass the written exam with a score of eighty (80) percent or better, a new appointment to retake the exam must be made and the exam fee must be paid again.

10.4.3 If an applicant is a no-call or no-show for the exam, then they must pay the missed appointment fee as determined by the SNHD before they can reschedule for the next exam.

10.5 Exam study and organizational materials

During the application process, the applicant will be provided certain documents to assist in preparing for the exam and organizing the activities that must be completed to obtain the Tattoo Operator Health Card. Certain documents available are as follows:

10.5.1 A paper copy of this Regulation, for a fee. This Regulation in electronic form can also be located for no charge at www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org.

10.5.2 A copy of the current SNHD Fee Schedule.

10.5.3 A hepatitis A and B vaccination information sheet.

10.5.4 A copy of the SNHD Identification Policy.

10.5.5 A SNHD Applicant Status worksheet. This worksheet provides guidance to complete the steps necessary to obtain a permanent Tattoo Operator Health Card.

10.5.6 A variety of study materials such as brochures and information sheets, when available.

10.6 Completion of application process

After the applicant successfully completes the requirements of Sections 10.1 through 10.5, then they must:

10.6.1 Complete the Health Card Application provided by the Health Card Section.

10.6.2 Submit to vaccines or any required medical tests.

10.6.3 Be screened for tuberculosis by skin test, chest x-ray or both. The applicant must return three days following the skin test or when otherwise directed to return by the Health Card Section nursing staff. Failure to return as directed will result in the need to readminister the test or vaccine. During the interim timeframe, an individual may not apply any tattoos.

10.6.4 Be photographed for their permanent Tattoo Operator Health Card.

10.7 Tattoo Operator Health Card issuance

Tattoo Operator Health Cards may be issued by the Health Authority, after satisfaction of the above requirements and the following additional requirements:

10.7.1 Verification by the applicant that he is free of communicable diseases that may be transmitted to a patron;

10.7.2 Presentation to the Health Authority of a government-issued photo identification showing that the applicant is a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age;

10.7.3 Presentation to the Health Authority of a certificate showing that the applicant has completed the required American Red Cross course in Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT) or documentation of equivalent training within the past two (2) years, as approved by the Health Authority. This documentation must also be provided, if not already available and current in the tattoo operator’s file, upon renewal of the Health Card.

10.8 Hepatitis A and B vaccination or proof of immunity

Written certification that the operator has begun the hepatitis A and B vaccination series within thirty (30) days of being issued a Tattoo Operator Health Card must be provided to the Health Authority unless:

10.8.1 He has previously received the complete hepatitis A and/or B vaccination series and can provide documentation to the Health Authority that one or both of the series have been completed. If one has been completed, the operator must still complete the other series of vaccinations,

10.8.2 Antibody testing has revealed that the operator is immune to hepatitis either A or B, or both. If antibody testing reveals that the operator is immune to one form of hepatitis, but not the other, then either: The vaccination series must be completed or Documentation of completion of the vaccination series shall be provided once the series is completed, for the form of hepatitis for which the operator has no immunity.

10.8.3 The hepatitis A and/or B vaccines are contraindicated for medical or religious reasons, then the current SNHD policies regarding vaccine exemptions or deferrals shall be followed.

10.8.4 Failure to provide this documentation within the designated timeframe may result in immediate suspension of the operator’s Health Card.

10.9 Tattoo Operator Health Card renewal

Tattoo Operator Health Cards must be renewed every two years. Tattoo operators must not perform tattoo procedures if their Tattoo Operator Health Cards are expired. Performing tattoo procedures with an expired Tattoo Operator Health Card is a violation of these Regulations and is subject to enforcement action, up to and including denial of a future Tattoo Operator Health Card.

10.10 Expired Tattoo Operator Health Cards

If the tattoo operator allows his Tattoo Operator Health Card to expire, then he will be required to repeat the application process (including retaking the basic sanitation examination and paying all applicable fees).

10.11 Current Tattoo Operator Health Card in tattoo operator’s possession

A current original Tattoo Operator Health Card must be in the tattoo operator’s possession, either on his person or readily available in his personal affects, at all times while engaged in the practice of tattooing.

10.11.1 Issuance of a tattoo operator’s Tattoo Operator Health Card is conditional upon full compliance with these Regulations. Temporary Tattoo Operator Health Cards will be issued in certain situations: Thirty (30) day temporary Tattoo Operator Health Cards will be issued to applicants who have not completed the American Red Cross training in Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT) or equivalent training. Tattoo operators who do not provide documentation of completing this training within thirty (30) days must cease any operations until the required Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT) training has been completed. Temporary Tattoo Operator Health Cards will be issued for applicants who have not completed the six (6) month training requirement in Section 10.3.1. The hard copy of the tattoo operator’s Tattoo Operator Health Card will be issued after documentation of the required six (6) month experience has been received. Tattoo operators issued a temporary Tattoo Operator Health Card must complete the required Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT) training (Section 10.7.3) and begin the hepatitis A and B vaccination series (Section 10.8) within thirty (30) days of being issued a temporary Tattoo Operator Health Card or cease any operations until these requirements are met.

10.12 Applicant or tattoo operator’s responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each individual applicant or tattoo operator to comply with the requirements of this Regulation. Failure to complete any step in the process or to provide in a timely manner information that is needed to complete the Tattoo Operator Health Card application process may result in the denial of the Tattoo Operator Health Card and a requirement to repeat the entire process from the beginning.

10.13 Tattoo establishment Health Permit holder’s joint responsibility

The tattoo establishment Health Permit holder and/or responsible person hold joint responsibility in ensuring that all conditions of obtaining a valid Tattoo Operator Health Card are met for each individual they hire or consent to take as an apprentice. Allowing individuals to function in the capacity of a tattoo operator within a Health Permitted establishment when they have not complied with these Regulations is grounds for enforcement action, up to and including suspension of the Health Permit for the tattoo establishment.

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