///Pool Closure Issues with Immediate Fee Assessment

Pool Closure Issues with Immediate Fee Assessment

The following issues will result in the closure of your pool with fees.

  1. Loose, damaged or missing main drain covers.
  2. Water clarity (turbidity) – the inability to see the main drain cover.
  3. All depth markers missing or illegible.
  4. Non‐functional re‐circulating systems.
  5. Gates and doors that do not self close and positively self latch and major barrier issues.
  6. Fecal matter incidence without the proper response.
  7. GFCI (lighting)
    • Note: When water is found in the light fixture ‐ If GFCI is not working properly the body of water will be closed and a re‐opening fee will be assessed. If GFCI is tripped, or can be tripped, the body of water will be closed, with no fee assessed.
  8. No detectable disinfectant.
  9. Complete absence of functional life saving equipment and absence of lifeguards.

Phone: (702) 759-0571

Aquatic Health Program Offices are located at the City of Las Vegas Development Services Center


Updated on: October 11, 2018