Imminent Health Hazard

Violations observed indicating that a product, practice, circumstance, or event creates a situation that requires immediate correction or closure to prevent injury or illness are considered Imminent Health Hazards.

The permit holder is responsible for closing the aquatic venue until the condition has been corrected. The following list of Imminent Health Hazards, if observed, will result in a failed inspection fee and aquatic venue closure. The aquatic venue must remain closed until the condition is corrected, the fee has been paid, and a reinspection has been passed.

  • Failure to provide adequate supervision of bathers and required staffing such as: Lifeguards and Attendants
  • Failure to provide a disinfectant residual
  • Failure to treat and achieve proper disinfection following a body fluid contamination event
  • Failure to operate the aquatic venue filtration and disinfection equipment
  • Failure to maintain GFCI protection for underwater lighting as required
  • Absence of all required lifesaving equipment on deck
  • Aquatic venue bottom not clearly visible
  • Total absence or improper depth markings at an aquatic venue
  • Failure to provide and maintain an enclosure or barrier to inhibit unauthorized access to the aquatic facility or aquatic venue as required; Gates that are not self-closing and self-latching and/or enclosure breaches or gaps
  • Broken, unsecured, or missing submerged suction outlet covers in the aquatic venue
  • Failure to provide a qualified operator for the Aquatic Facility
  • Failure to provide disinfectant residual levels within the minimum and maximum limits designated in the Regulations
  • pH level below 6.5
  • pH level above 8.0
  • Failure to maintain Cyanuric Acid levels below 100 ppm
  • Use of an unapproved or contaminated water supply source for potable water
  • Plumbing cross-connections between the drinking water supply and aquatic venue water or between the sewage system and the aquatic venue, including filter backwash facilities
  • Use of unapproved chemicals or the application of chemicals by unapproved methods to the aquatic venue water
  • Broken glass or other sharp objects in the aquatic venue or on the deck area
  • Any other item determined to be an imminent health hazard by the health authority

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Updated on: January 31, 2022

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