Operations – Aquatic Facility

The Southern Nevada Health District is responsible for supervising the sanitation and safety of all permitted aquatic facilities. The Aquatic Health Program Operational inspectors conduct routine inspection activities at permitted aquatic venues, as well as investigate complaints, and respond to notifications of drowning and diving accidents at aquatic facilities.

  • Imminent Health Hazards
    Violations observed indicating that a product, practice, circumstance, or event creates a situation that requires immediate correction or closure to prevent injury or illness are considered Imminent Health Hazards.
  • Retiring an Aquatic Venue
  • Required Signage for Aquatic Facilities
    This information is intended to provide guidance for staff, facility managers, and owners who have problem pools or pools that they no longer wish to maintain. Check with your local jurisdiction building department for further guidance.

Phone: (702) 759-0572

Aquatic Health Program Offices are located at the City of Las Vegas Development Services Center


Updated on: July 16, 2019