The Operations section of the Aquatic Health Program (AHP) is tasked with the ongoing operations of a public bathing facility.

Staff investigates public complaints and ensures continued compliance with the Nevada Administrative Code 444 during routine inspections to protect the health and safety of those using public bathing facilities in Southern Nevada.

A routine inspection is divided into three sections:

Safety Concerns

  • The facility has a properly certified individual maintaining the pool or spa.
  • Required life saving equipment is present and in serviceable condition,
  • No electrical hazards are present,
  • Lifeguards are provided and properly certified, when required.
  • Water clarity allows for the main drain cover to be clearly identified.
  • Main drain covers are properly installed and maintained in good repair to avoid suction entrapment accidents.
  • Spa water temperature does not exceed 104°F.
  • Lighting requirements are met.
  • Barriers are properly constructed and maintained.
  • Gates or doors leading to a pool/spa enclosure must be self closing and positively self latching from any open position.

Disease Prevention

  • Water is obtained from an approved source and the supply line is protected from the introduction of potentially contaminated water.
  • Water chemistry is properly maintained to promote proper disinfection of pool and spa water.
  • Recirculation system is properly installed and maintained to ensure effective filtration of recreational water.
  • Appropriate restroom facilities are provided and maintained.
  • Facility staff follows the proper response to fecal accidents in accordance with the CDC guidelines.

Routine Maintenance

  • Use of an approved test kit.
  • Cleanliness of the area inside the enclosure and support facilities.
  • Maintenance of appropriate surfacing for decking and pool/spa interior.
  • Presence of required signage.
  • Maintenance of required records.
  • Cleanliness of the pool/spa, e.g. free from debris and algae.
  • Proper maintenance of the equipment area.

Violations directly linked with major safety or sanitation concerns result in the pool or spa closure. The most common reasons for pool and spa closures are faulty gates and unapproved disinfectant levels. Download the Pool Closure Issues with Immediate Fee Assessment PDF 88KB handout for a list of violations that result in an immediate closure with a fee.

Phone: (702) 759-0571

Aquatic Health Program Offices are located at the City of Las Vegas Development Services Center


Updated on: November 7, 2018