Adrenal Insufficiency

The Adrenal Insufficiency presentation is intended for EMTs of all certification levels.

Acute Cardiovascular Accident Training

The Acute Cardiovascular Accident Training Protocol presentation was developed to help educate all licensed providers on the protocol as outlined in the updated January 2010 BLS/ILS/ALS Protocol Manual.

View the Acute Cardiovascular Accident Training.

Excited Delirium Training

All licensed Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System personnel are required to complete the Excited Delirium testing.

Visit the Excited Delirium Training webpage for more information and to complete the training.

Safe Injection Practices – Mandatory Training

Per NRS 450B.165 every applicant seeking certification or recertification as an EMT at any level through the Southern Nevada Health District must attest to knowledge of and compliance with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concerning the prevention of transmission of infectious agents through safe and appropriate injection practices.

Visit the One and Only Campaign’s Bloodborne Pathogens Training webpage.

Spinal Immobilization Protocol

The Spinal Immobilization Protocol Video was developed to help educate licensed ALS providers on the protocol as outlined in the updated BLS/ILS/ALS Protocol Manual.

Visit the Spinal Immobilization Protocol webpage to view the video.

Transfer of Care Reporting Program

This online video was created to provide standardized training in the use of the Transfer of Care reporting program as required by NRS 450B.795.

Visit the Transfer of Care webpage to complete the training.

Weapons of Mass Destruction Training – Mandatory Training

All certified/licensed EMTs must complete a course of instruction relating to the medical consequences of an act of terrorism that involves the use of a weapon of mass destruction.

Visit the Weapons of Mass Destruction webpage for more information and to complete the training.