/Substantially Similar/Like Equipment Replacement

Substantially Similar/Like Equipment Replacement

Like-for-Like Equipment Replacement PDF form is submitted when an equipment change is done that will not require a complete remodel submission.

Substantially similar replacements:

  • Existing equipment is replaced with an equivalent piece of equipment. The replacement equipment must possess an equivalent pump curve/head loss chart as what is currently in place.
  • Note: If the new equipment is the “replacement” for discontinued equipment from the manufacturer, the equipment is not considered substantially similar unless it has identical operating characteristics.

Like equipment replacements:

  • Existing equipment is replaced with identical equipment from the same manufacturer, with the same model/part number. No notification is required.

To avoid additional fees and review time, contact SNHD to determine whether an equipment replacement requires a remodel prior to the start of any work.

  • The Like-for-Like Equipment Replacement PDF form must be submitted by an individual who is Nevada registered or licensed to practice their respective design profession as defined by the state of Nevada. The form must be endorsed by the facility manager indicating what equipment will be replaced.
  • The form must be submitted by email to aquatic@snhd.org. If the replacement is reviewed and it is determined that a remodel was required, a non-substantial alteration submission will be required, and late fees will be assessed.

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Updated on: May 28, 2019

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