///Asbestos Waste Transportation Permits: Electronic Application Instructions

Asbestos Waste Transportation Permits: Electronic Application Instructions

Asbestos Waste Removal Contractor Information, Asbestos Waste Transporter Information, and Asbestos Waste Disposal Information are pre-programmed in the application. Use the down arrows to populate a list to choose from. Copy and paste the following link in your address bar: https://www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org/solid-waste/forms/asbestos

Screen 1: Company Information

  1. Provide the Asbestos Waste Removal Contractor Information. (If the contractor is not listed you’ll need to proceed to the contractor registration form.)
  2. Provide the Asbestos Waste Transporter Information (If the transporter is not listed call 702-759-0661 to have them added).
  3. Provide the Asbestos Waste Disposal Information (If the disposal site is not listed call 702-759-0661 to have it added).
  4. Click on NEXT to go to the Generation Site information.

Screen 2: Generation Site

  1. Building/Site Name: Provide any descriptive name that may be associated with the location undergoing abatement, e.g. the name of a hotel, restaurant, etc. or if abating a private residence the residence name.
  2. Number of Building on Site: Indicate the number of building on the property
  3. Site Address: Provide the address, state, and zip code (if applicable) of the site undergoing abatement.
  4. APN: Parcel Number: Provide the Assessor’s Parcel Number.
  5. Site Cross Streets: Provide the major cross streets.
  6. Add a Contact Person.
    Contact Person’s name and phone in case there is a problem with the application, etc.

Screen 3: Project Information

  1. Is it? Friable/Non-Friable: If the Non-Friable button is clicked you will be required to provide analytical data supporting this classification. Note: The fee for transporting ACM is $ 150.
  2. Description: Provide a description of the asbestos containing material (ACM) that is to be removed from the facility undergoing abatement.
  3. Amount of regulated asbestos to containing material to be removed. At least one of the boxes (pipes, surface area, or volume) must be filled in.
  4. Project Duration: Abatement Start Date and Transportation Completion Date must be filled in.
  5. Electronic Signatures:
    1. Provide the name of the company performing the transportation of ACM to a permitted disposal facility.
    2. Provide the name, title, and email address of the person representing the transportation company, most responsible for insuring that transportation meets all state and federal regulations.


Screen 4: Payment Information

After hitting the submit button you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to submit your payment by using any of the following:

credit cards

You will receive your permit electronically within three business days.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0600


Updated on: March 7, 2019

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