To download a permit application packet for a school, click here. The application packet contains instructions and minimum requirements for submission.

The school program staff routinely inspects all licensed schools twice per year. Any school kitchen participating in the free and reduced lunch program is also inspected twice per year.  All other permitted food facilities at a school are inspected once per year. Information about whether food sales on a school campus need a separate permit can be found in the food service policy.

The inspections focus on health, sanitation, and safety in the school setting.

In addition to conducting routine, unannounced inspections of these school facilities, environmental health staff:

  • Conduct construction plan reviews of new or remodeled public and private schools and school kitchens.
  • Investigate citizen complaints. A complaint can be filed through the online portal.
  • Respond to requests by school licensing
  • Investigate outbreaks of communicable disease and foodborne illness cases.

The Solid Waste and Compliance Office also conducts audits of schools that are handling hazardous materials in the school laboratories and other locations throughout the school. These audits ensure that hazardous chemicals are stored and disposed of in a safe manner that does not contaminate the environment.

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Updated on: February 10, 2022

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