Section 9 – Health Permits

9.1Health Permit required

All public accommodation facilities must have a current and valid Health Permit issued by the Health Authority in order to operate.

9.2Health Permit posted

The current Health Permit must be posted conspicuously behind the front service counter in the lobby at a location designated by the Health Authority.

9.3Applications for and issuance of Health Permits to operate
9.3.1Prior to commencing the operation of any public accommodation facility, the responsible person or persons, business entity, or agent must make written application for a Health Permit on forms provided by the Health Authority, pay all applicable fees, and receive written approval from the Health Authority to operate.
9.3.2When making application for a Health Permit to operate a public accommodation facility, the following information and items must be brought to the Health Authority for review and/or approval: name, location and mailing address of the public accommodation facility; applicant’s full name, mailing address, and signature; statement indicating whether the applicant is a natural person, firm or corporation, and: the applicant is a natural person, the name and mailing address shall be provided. the applicant is a firm or partnership, the name(s) and mailing address(es) of the managing partner(s) shall be provided. the applicant is a corporation, the names and mailing addresses of the corporate officers shall be provided. the applicant is a limited liability company, the name(s) and mailing address(es) of the manager(s) shall be provided. name of the responsible person of the public accommodation facility and signature; of ownership or lease agreement for the property and buildings on which the public accommodation facility will be built. complete set of construction plans including all schedules, e.g., floor plans, elevations, electrical schematics, etc.
9.3.3Health Permits shall be issued by the Health Authority to public accommodation facilities found to be in compliance with these Regulations. Health Permits shall be subject to review and renewal annually.
9.3.4Any food establishment or any swimming pool/spa operating at the same address or on the same property as a public accommodation facility must have a separate food establishment or swimming pool/spa Health Permit issued by the Health Authority, respectively.
9.3.5A Health Permit issued pursuant to these Regulations is not transferable from person to person or from location to location.
9.4Health Permit issuance

Upon receipt of a completed Health Permit application, construction plans, and all applicable fees, the Health Authority shall acknowledge receipt of the plans within 48 hours and then review the submitted application and plans in a timeframe agreed upon by the Health Authority and the public accommodation facility. The Health Authority shall make an inspection of the public accommodation facility to determine compliance with the provisions of NRS 447 and NAC 447, Public Accommodations; and these Regulations. The Health Authority shall issue a permit to operate when applicable requirements are met.

9.5Health Permit fee schedule

Pursuant to NRS 439.360(5), and under the authority of NRS 439.410(3), the District Board of Health adopts by reference, the current Health Permit Fee Schedule as it applies to public accommodation facilities and any other associated facilities or establishments requiring Health Permits.


Pursuant to NRS 447.210, every proprietor, owner, manager, lessee or other responsible person in charge of any public accommodation facility who fails to comply with NRS and/or NAC 447 or these Regulations, whether through the acts of himself, his agent or employees, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Every day that any public accommodation facility is in violation of NRS and/or NAC 447 or these Regulations constitutes a separate offense.

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