Table of Contents

1. General Provisions
1.1“Agency of jurisdiction” defined
1.2“Bathroom” defined
1.3“Bed and breakfast facility” defined
1.4“Bed frame” defined
1.5“Bedding” defined
1.6“Biocide” defined
1.7“Biofilm” defined
1.8“Biohazard event” defined
1.9“Biohazard Event Control Plan” defined
1.10“Box frame” defined
1.11“Cease and Desist Order” defined
1.12“Certified applicator” defined
1.13“Clean” defined
1.14“Common bathroom” defined
1.15“Communicable disease” defined
1.16“Disinfect” defined
1.17“Disinfectant” defined
1.18“Disposable article” defined
1.19“Dry Camping” defined
1.20“Environmental surface” defined
1.21“EPA-registered” defined
1.22“Faucet” defined
1.23“Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA)” defined
1.24“Foot-Candle” defined
1.25“Fumigation” defined
1.26“Furniture” defined
1.27“Gray water” defined
1.28“Guest” defined
1.29“Guest room” defined
1.30“Guest room attendant” defined
1.31“Guest room Closure Order” defined
1.32“Health Authority” defined
1.33“Health Permit” defined
1.34“Health Permit revocation” defined
1.35“Health Permit suspension” defined
1.36“Hostel” defined
1.37“Hotel” defined
1.38“Hot water” defined
1.39“Housekeeping cart” defined
1.40“Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH)” defined
1.41“Kitchenette” defined
1.42“Management Plan” defined
1.43“Medical attention” defined
1.44“Medical professional” defined
1.45“Mold” defined
1.46“Mold remediation” defined
1.47“Motel” defined
1.48“National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)” defined
1.49“Nonsewered toliet” defined
1.50“Nuisance” defined
1.51“Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)” defined
1.52“Outbreak” defined
1.53“Pathogenic” defined
1.54“Personal hygiene items” defined
1.55“Plumbing Code (PC)” defined
1.56“Potable water” defined
1.57“Principal” defined
1.58“Primary principal” defined
1.59“Public accommodation facility” defined
1.60“Public accommodation facility Closure Order” defined
1.61“Public area” defined
1.62“Putrescible” defined
1.63“Recreational park trailer” defined
1.64“Recreational vehicle” defined
1.65“Residual pressure” defined
1.66“Responsible person” defined
1.67“Restricted-use pesticide” defined
1.68“Restroom” defined
1.69“Room service cart” defined
1.70“Sanitary station” defined
1.71“Sanitized” defined
1.72“Scale reduction” defined
1.73“Self-contained recreational vehicle (SCRV)” defined
1.74“Service animal” defined
1.75“Service building” defined
1.76“Sewage” defined
1.77“Showerhead” defined
1.78“Significant water/moisture” defined
1.79“Site Map” defined
1.80“Solid waste” defined
1.81“Special Event” defined
1.82“Sterilization plant” defined
1.83“Tableware” defined
1.84“Used bedding” defined
1.85“Utensils” defined
2. Substantial Hazards to Public Health and Safety
3. Facilities and Equipment
3.1Plans for construction, remodeling
3.2Exemption of existing facilities, equipment from design, construction requirements
3.3Certain areas prohibited from use as quarters for living or sleeping
3.4Air space, floor area and ceiling height of rooms
3.6Walls, ceilings and closures
3.9Smoke alarms
3.10Heating and ventilating systems
3.11Baths, showers, toilets and lavatories
3.12Sanitation of guest room following occupation by guest having a communicable disease
3.13Water supply
3.15Water damage evaluation
3.16Solid waste disposal
3.17Sewage disposal
3.18Outdoor areas
4 General Sanitation
4.1Public areas
4.2Public restrooms
4.3Guest room bedding, linen, and towels
4.4Third-party linen provider
4.5On-site laundry facilities
4.6Used bedding
4.7Maintenance areas
4.8Housekeeping carts
4.9Personal hygiene supplies
4.12Disposable/single-use articles
4.13Pets and service animals
5 Control of Vermin
5.1General provisions and preventive measures
5.2Pest control application
5.3Rodent waste clean-up
5.4Record keeping
5.5Required reporting
6 Employees
6.1Illness reporting and duty status
6.2Employee training
6.3Hand washing
6.4Employee clothing
6.5Employee facilities
6.6Employee Food Handler’s Health Cards
7 Food Service and Food Service Facilities
7.1Prepackaged food sales
7.2Room service
7.3Continental breakfast facilities
8 Bed and Breakfast Facilities
8.1Bed and breakfast commercial kitchen exemption requirements
8.2Restricted food establishment Health Permit
8.3Food storage and preparation equipment
8.4Non-commercial equipment acceptability conditions
8.5Fresh food preparation required daily
9 Health Permits
9.1Health Permit required
9.2Health Permit posted
9.3Applications for and issuance of Health Permits to operate
9.4Health Permit issuance
9.5Health Permit fee schedule
10 Plan Review and Submission and Approval Date
10.1Regulation of new construction, remodeling, and renovation of a public accommodation facility
10.2Plans for construction and remodeling
10.3Health Authority review timeline
10.4Exemption of existing facilities and equipment from design construction requirements
11 Inspections
11.1Agent of Health Authority identification
11.2Responsible person must provide access to Health Authority
11.3Unlawful to interfere with Health Authority
11.4Health Authority must provide written report
11.5Failure to correct a deficiency
11.6Annual inspection
12 Enforcement
12.1Cease and Desist Orders and Closure Orders
12.2Reinspection protocol for Cease and Desist Orders and Closure Orders
12.3Health Permit suspension
12.4Procedure for request of Health Permit reinstatement
12.5Health Permit revocation
12.6Appeal rights
12.7Health Authority additional legal remedy
13 Miscellaneous
13.1Severability clause
13.2Effective date
14 Adjunct Provisions for SCRV Dry Camping at Public Accommodation Facilities
14.1Plans for construction, area designation, remodeling
14.2Allowable vehicle type
14.4Parking lots and spaces
14.5Baths and showers; backup toilets and lavatories
14.6Water supply station
14.7Sewage disposal
14.8Solid waste disposal
14.9Outdoor areas
14.11The Management Plan

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