Section 7 – Food Service and Food Service Facilities

7.1Prepackaged food sales
7.1.1A public accommodation facility may offer guest room prepackaged non-potentially hazardous food sales using a cabinet, refrigerator, or similar mini-bar. No Health Permit is required for this guest service.
7.1.2The commissary used to service guest rooms with point-of-sale food items must have a valid Health Permit issued by the Health Authority. This Health Permit may be combined with another food establishment as part of a single Health Permit within the public accommodation facility at the discretion of the Health Authority.
7.1.3Gift shops within public accommodation facilities that sell snacks and beverages must meet the requirements outlined in NRS 446.870 and NAC 446.042. See Appendix N – Food Establishment Health Permit Exemptions. PDF (176 KB/14 pages)
7.2Room service
7.2.1If room service is offered, a separate Health Permit for the room service kitchen facilities must be obtained and kept in good standing. If the Health Permit of the room service kitchen facility is suspended or revoked, all room service activity must cease.
7.2.2Room service carts must be kept well maintained, clean, and in sanitary condition.
7.2.3Chemicals such as “sterno” and “canned heat” must be stored separate from and below food items on room service carts.
7.2.4Room service carts shall not be used for housekeeping purposes.
7.2.5Leftover room service food items and used tableware shall be removed from public hallways at least once per eight (8) hour shift.
7.3Permanent or temporary facilities constructed for the purpose of regularly or routinely serving foods to guests, whether or not a separate fee is charged for the service, shall be considered food establishments, as defined by NRS 446.020, and shall be subject to the provisions of NRS 446, and the Regulations adopted by the Health Authority pursuant to NRS 446.940(2). A separate Health Permit is required for the operation of a Continental Breakfast.
7.4.1Except in hostels, no community kitchen facilities are permitted.
7.4.2A kitchenette, when provided, must have all of the following facilities: sink which is supplied with adequate hot and cold running water. The hot water must be able to reach a temperature of 120°F at the faucet within two minutes, and be supplied at a pressure at the faucet of at least 20 psi. equipment that is properly installed and a means within the guest room, such as a hood with a fan or other ventilation system, to remove smoke, fumes, and odors. washable container for waste. counter for food preparation. The surface of the counter must be made of material which is impervious and easily cleanable. refrigeration unit for holding cold food. The unit must be capable of maintaining a temperature of 45°F or lower. cupboard or other receptacle in which utensils, tableware and food can be stored protected from contamination.
7.4.3All tableware stored for use by guests in a kitchenette must be washed, rinsed, and sanitized between guests in an approved three-compartment sink or a dishwasher with a sanitizing cycle.

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