Section 11 – Inspections

11.1 Agent of Health Authority identification

An agent of the Health Authority shall wear and show the responsible person his or her Health Authority photo-identification card upon entering a public accommodation facility to make an inspection or other official visit pursuant to NRS 447.200 and these Regulations. Such an inspection or official visit may be made as often as the Health Authority determines is necessary to ensure compliance with NRS and NAC 447, and these Regulations.

11.2 Responsible person must provide immediate access to Health Authority

Upon showing the required photo-identification to the responsible party, the Health Authority shall be provided immediate access to the public accommodation facility to perform an inspection or other official work. Any unreasonable denial of access by an owner or operator to guest rooms or other areas of the public accommodation facility for inspection after the Health Authority has properly identified himself may result in an immediate suspension of the Health Permit to operate the public accommodation facility.

The public accommodation facility Closure Order may state that the Health Permit is suspended and all renting of guest rooms must be discontinued immediately. Any responsible person to whom such an order is issued shall comply with it immediately.

11.3 Unlawful to interfere with Health Authority

It is unlawful for any person to interfere with the Health Authority in the performance of his or her duties, pursuant to NRS 199.300.

11.4 Health Authority must provide written report
11.4.1 Upon completion of the visit to the public accommodation facility, the Health Authority representative shall prepare a written report describing any findings. The report must set forth any deficiencies discovered during the inspection.
11.4.2 Deficiencies may be present that do not constitute a substantial threat to public health and safety. Corrective actions for these types of deficiencies shall be noted on the inspection report and be assigned a specified period of time within which the indicated corrections must be completed.
11.4.3 A copy of the completed report must be furnished to the owner, operator, or responsible person of the public accommodation facility upon completion of the inspection.
11.4.4 A copy of the completed report must also be retained by the Health Authority for the records of the facility.
11.5 Failure to correct a deficiency
11.5.1 Failure of the responsible person to correct a deficiency within the period specified in the written report is a violation of these Regulations.
11.5.2 Violations that constitute a substantial threat to public health and safety and their remedies are addressed in Section 12 of these Regulations.
11.6 Annual inspection

Public accommodation facilities shall be inspected at least once each year.

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