Section 10 – Plan Review and Submission and Approval Date

10.1Regulation of new construction and renovation of a public accommodation facility

The construction of new public accommodation facilities and remodeling of existing public accommodation facilities shall be in accordance with all pertinent state laws, rules and regulations of the state board of health or Health Authority, and the editions used by the agency of jurisdiction of the Uniform Building Code and the Uniform Plumbing Code and such other codes as the state board of health may designate. Appendix P PDF (1.67 MD/68 pages) provides a listing of other federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and codes that may apply.

10.2Plans for construction and remodeling

At least thirty days prior to beginning construction or remodeling of a public accommodation facility, the responsible person must submit construction plans with all schedules; e.g., floor plans, elevations, electrical schematics, etc., to the Health Authority for review and approval.

10.3Health Authority review timeline

Plans for construction and remodeling of a public accommodation facility which are submitted to the Health Authority must be reviewed within a time frame agreed upon in advance with the submitting public accommodation facility’s management.

10.4Exemption of existing facilities and equipment from design construction requirements

If any facility or equipment being used by the responsible person or his or her designee of a public accommodation facility one year from the implementation date of these Regulations does not meet the requirements for design and construction established in this section, the operator is exempted from those requirements and may continue to use the facility or equipment if it is in good repair, is capable of being cleaned and maintained in a sanitary condition, and does not create a health hazard, safety hazard, or nuisance condition.

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Updated on: January 15, 2019

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