Research on determining the temperature range for “Substantial Health Hazard” PDF 20KB

Appendix A – Public Health Significance of Cross-Connections PDF 1.7MB

Appendix B – Legionella Control Guidelines and Recommendations PDF 208KB

Appendix C – Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 441A PDF 524KB

Appendix C – Supplement List of Communicable Diseases PDF 17KB

Appendix D – Clandestine Drug Laboratory Clean-up Guidelines PDF 64KB

Appendix E – Contact Information for the Health Authority PDF 65KB

Appendix F – Cleaning and Maintenance of Fill-and-Drain Whirlpool Spa Bathtubs PDF 62KB

Appendix G – Room Clean-up Standard Operating Procedures PDF 113KB

Appendix H – Guidelines on Assessment and Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments PDF 174KB

Mold Remediation: How Complex Should It Be? PDF 75KB

Appendix I – Biohazard Event Response Plan PDF 120KB

Appendix J – Sterilization Plant Reciprocity Application PDF 155KB

Appendix K – Pesticide Use Report PDF 534KB

Appendix L – All About Hantavirus: Prevention: Cleaning Up PDF 272KB

Appendix M – Standard, Enteric and Other Precautions PDF 176KB

Appendix N – Food Establishment Health Permit Exemptions PDF 155KB

Appendix O – Foods Requiring Fresh Preparation in a Bed & Breakfast Facility PDF 64KB

Appendix P – Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Public Accommodation Plan Review PDF 1.1MB

Appendix Q – Miscellaneous Guidance PDF 61KB

Appendix R – Matrix of Required Reporting PDF 155KB

Appendix S – Dry Camping Facility Management Plan PDF 121KB

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