///Change of Permit Holder Applicants

Change of Permit Holder Applicants

Four Steps to Obtain a Health Permit when taking over an existing, open and operating, facility:
  1. Application Packet
    1. Download the appropriate application packet online; or
    2. Call (702) 759-1258 or email foodrev@snhd.org to request an application. Staff will respond to voicemail messages and emails on a first come first served basis.

    You may utilize one application for multiple health permits if they are located at the same address and are under the same ownership.

  1. Submission
    1. Electronic Submission (Preferred)
      Email the completed application packet with supporting documentation to foodrev@snhd.org.Some files may be too large and require an upload link. If this is the case, please emailfoodrev@snhd.org or call (702) 759-1258 to request a Large File Upload link which will allow you to submit large files securely.
    2. In-Person Submissions (by Appointment Only)
      If you are unable to submit your application electronically, an in-person appointment may be scheduled by calling (702) 759-1258.

    Note:  Plans are not required for a change of permit holder unless requested by your inspector.

  1. Fees
    1. An invoice will be provided to you for the permit and plan review fees as specified in the EH Fee Schedule.
    2. The application packet will not be processed until all fees are paid.  Payment is due upon receipt and may be made online at EH Invoice. Failure to pay the invoice upon receipt may result in a closure of the facility.
    3. Fees are non-refundable;
    4. New owners who fail to apply for a health permit within the first 30 days of taking over an operation will be subject to late fees.
  1. Field Inspection
    An inspector will contact you to schedule a final permitting inspection. Permit approval will be granted if all minimum requirements are met; therefore, it is recommended that you review the applicable regulation(s) which can be found on the Permits & Regulations website.
  2. Food Facilities must pass an inspection with 10 demerits or less, and the Person in Charge must be able to demonstrate food safety knowledge.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-1258


Updated on: July 11, 2021