//Food Safety Assessment Meeting

Food Safety Assessment Meeting

Purpose of the Food Safety Assessment Meeting: The Southern Nevada Health District is working to enhance the food safety message throughout the permitting process, in an effort to ensure that all operators receiving permits are knowledgeable about preventing foodborne illness in their facilities prior to beginning operation. 

When is a Food Safety Assessment Meeting required? 

  1. Prior to scheduling a final permitting inspection for a new food facility, if the operator did not demonstrate adequate food safety knowledge as determined by the Food Facility Questionnaire or during the plan review process. 
  2. Following a failed Change of Permit Holder final permitting inspection if there are excessive food safety violations or other demonstration of insufficient food safety knowledge, or 
  3. Prior to a change-of-ownership permitting inspection at the applicant’s request.

Who must attend the Food Safety Assessment Meeting? The permit holder, chef, manager and/or other person with knowledge of the facility operations may attend this meeting. 

How can a restaurant operator prepare for a Food Safety Assessment Meeting? Restaurant operators or a designated Person-in-Charge may prepare for the meeting by reviewing basic food safety information and regulations. The Food Establishment Resource Library contains all the information which will be discussed at the meeting, as well as training materials and temperature logs which can be downloaded for free. It is recommended that operators review Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the Regulations for the Sanitation of Food Establishments prior to the meeting. 

What happens during a Food Safety Assessment Meeting? The discussion is guided by a Food Safety Assessment Meeting Questionnaire which will be completed during the meeting. The menu and facility equipment layout will be used to identify risk factors that need to be controlled during daily operations. The restaurant operator will be encouraged to explain their plans for training employees, monitoring food safety, and verifying that the controls they have put in place work. We encourage you to provide your inspector any written operational plans, training documents, or monitoring logs used in the facility. 

What happens after the Food Safety Assessment Meeting? If the restaurant operator demonstrates sufficient food safety knowledge, the final permitting inspection is scheduled. If the operator does not demonstrate adequate control of risk factors in their facility they must either: 

  1. Study the Southern Nevada Health District’s Regulations Governing the Sanitation of Food Establishments, review training information provided on the Food Establishment Resource Library or otherwise obtain the requisite knowledge, then schedule an additional Food Safety Assessment Meeting, or 
  2. Hire a person with food safety certification from a recognized certifying agency, then schedule an additional Food Safety Assessment Meeting 

The final permitting inspection cannot be scheduled until the operator demonstrates active managerial control over the foodborne illness risk factors identified in his/her facility. 

How to schedule a Food Safety Assessment Meeting: If you have been instructed to schedule a Food Safety Assessment Meeting by your permitting inspector, call or email the inspector directly to schedule the appointment. If there is difficulty reaching the inspector, call (702) 759-1258 and leave a message with your name, business name and address, and a contact phone number. 


Updated on: July 11, 2021