School Permitting FAQ

No, but if there is one, it must meet SNHD Regulations for Food Establishments. (NAC 444.56848)

Within 24 hours after the determination has been made. (NAC 444.56822)

We defer to the “Recommended practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities” publication. (NAC 444.5683)

Light Levels in Schools

Room/AreaLight Level (foot-candles)
General Classroom30
Cafeteria/Multi-Purpose Room10
Music Room50
Art Rooms50
Science Laboratory50
Locker Rooms10
Toilet Area5
Gymnasium (Basketball)50

Note: Light levels are based on tasks being performed. Reference the “Recommended practice on Lighting for Educational Facilities” publication for a more detailed information.

Only if caustics, acids, flammable materials or other hazardous materials are handled in the room. (NAC 444.56836)

Yes, but beds, couches, cots are also acceptable given they are covered with a nonabsorbent material. (NAC 444.56842)

250 feet from each classroom. (NAC 444.56852)

There is no range, just a maximum temperature of 110°F. (NAC 444.56836; 38; 5684; 56854)

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Updated on: July 11, 2021