///Public Accommodation Permitting FAQ

Public Accommodation Permitting FAQ

At least 50-foot candles of light must be provided in each area for washing tableware and in each kitchenette; At least 20-foot candles of light at a distance of 30 inches from the floor must be provided in each laundromat area for guest use, toilet room, bathroom, and in each other area during cleaning; At least 15-foot candles of light must be provided in any area used for living or sleeping.

A composite tile or other approved floor, with wall-to-floor junctures sealed with base coving; On adjacent walls with coverings of fiberglass-reinforced plastic paneling or equivalent where moisture is likely to occur; In a room with an enclosed ceiling, finished with a cleanable surface.

Yes. There must be a handwashing sink, supplied with hot and cold running water and dispenser-fed liquid soap and disposable towels installed in the laundry room.

No used bedding may be recovered from any landfill, dump, dumpster, or other waste disposal, junkyard, or hospital for the purpose of reuse in a public accommodation facility even after sterilization at an approved sterilization plant.

Yes. Maintenance areas where chemicals are processed or mixed shall have a sink supplied with hot and cold running water and dispenser-fed liquid soap and disposable towels.

Yes. All ice-making machines must be certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) or an equivalent third-party certification organization and located, installed, operated, and maintained as so to prevent contamination of the ice.

  1. A sink which is supplied with adequate hot and cold running water; the hot water must be able to reach a temperature of 120°F at the faucet within 2 minutes, and be supplied at a pressure at the faucet of at least 20 psi;
  2. Cooking equipment that is properly installed and a means within the guest room, such as a hood with a fan or other ventilation system, to remove smoke, fumes, and odors;
  3. A washable container for waste;
  4. A counter for food preparation; the surface of the counter must be made of material which is impervious and easily cleanable;
  5. A refrigeration unit for holding cold food; the unit must be capable of maintaining a temperature of 45° F or lower;
  6. A cupboard or other receptacle in which utensils, tableware and food can be stored and protected from contamination.

A bed and breakfast commercial home, which may not exceed a capacity of 10 persons or 5 guest rooms, may be exempted from the commercial kitchen provisions if, in the opinion of the Health Authority, no imminent health hazard to the public is likely to result or occur.

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Updated on: July 11, 2021