Penal Institution Permitting FAQ

Required spaces include a separate unit for intoxicated inmates, separate cells for confinement of certain inmates with mental illness, dayrooms, a medical examining room, a dental examining room, an area for exercise and recreation, a space for visiting inmates and contact visits, a space for educational and multi purposes, space for personal property storage of newly admitted inmates, a janitors closet, and laundry facilities.

Each cell or sleeping area in which inmates are confined must have at least 35 square feet of unencumbered space, have a ceiling which is at least 8 feet above the floor, contain a bed and an area for a storage of inmates’ personal belongings, including clothing and towels.

“Cell” means a room used to confine not more than two inmates. “Dormitory” means a room, or an area used to confine three or more inmates. Cells must have 35 square feet of unencumbered space per inmate. Dormitory must have 25 square feet of unencumbered space minimum per inmate.

Cells, dormitories, dayrooms and other areas of local correctional institutions used to house inmates must be heated so that the temperature of the air inside the institution does not fall below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. These areas must be provided with a ventilating system which is maintained to prevent the inside air temperature from rising above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lighting must be made available to all areas of the facility used for confinement and must be equal to 20 foot-candles to permit observation, proper cleaning and maintenance. All light fixtures must be kept clean and in good repair. Light fixtures must be protected against the possibility of intentional breakage. Each cell, dayroom and dormitory room must be provided with natural or artificial light of at least 20 foot-candles at desk level and in areas used for personal grooming.

A drinking fountain with a jet orifice extending diagonally above the basin or a supply of single-service drinking cups must be provided for each cell, dormitory, dayroom and assembly area. The use of a common drinking vessel is prohibited.

One shower per 15 inmates or fraction thereof. The shower must allow the temperature control and must be between 100 – 120°F. All showers must be kept clean and in good repair. Each inmate must be provided the opportunity to take one shower per day. If the operator of the institution determines that the activities of an inmate do not require that the inmate be provided the opportunity to take one shower per day, the operator may provide the inmate the opportunity to take a shower at a less frequent interval. An adequate supply of soap and individual towels must be available for showers.

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Updated on: July 11, 2021