///Farmers Market and Farm Goods FAQ

Farmers Market and Farm Goods FAQ

Farmers are exempt from a health permit if the farmer sells only farm products in their natural and unprocessed state. Farmers who prepare and offer samples, except for whole, intact fruits or vegetables shall apply for, and obtain, a health permit prior to operation.

Milk and milk products are prohibited from being offered and sold at a farmers market. Reduced oxygen packaging products, raw fish, raw shellstock, leftover food products, and packaged ice are also prohibited.

Yes, a farmer may sell produce from an unlimited number of other farmers at a farmers market provided that she/he has a Produce Vendor Certificate. A produce vendor certificate is required in Nevada to sell produce not grown by that vendor or produce that is grown in another state and brought into Nevada for sale.

All persons, working as food handlers in permitted food establishments shall possess a valid food handler health card. Vendors that are not required to obtain a health permit are also not required to obtain a food handler card.

Submit a Health Permit application, a site plan, lease, deed, or other legal document granting permission to operate a business at the site, and a copy of the producer’s certificate of each farmer to foodrev@snhd.org. Review the Food Establishment Regulations Chapter 13: Farmer’s Markets for a detailed description of the requirements. It is recommended that the Farmers Market Manager consult with Planning and Zoning and the local business license agency to ensure that the site may be utilized as a farmers market.

Portable toilets shall be provided, adequate in number and located in an easily accessible area for vendors and the public. The health authority may approve conveniently located plumbed restroom facilities, which are available for use by the vendors and the public, if their use has been assured in writing by the facility owner.

A farmers market must have a farmer in attendance with a Producer Certificate but may also have other vendors such as an Annual Itinerant, Farmer Market Vendor, Portable Unit, Produce Vendor, and Registered Cottage Food operator.

No, the application for a Producer’s or Produce Vendor’s Certificate may be found on the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s website.

The Health Authority may exempt an Annual Itinerant vendor from obtaining a health permit if the food is packaged and is not Time/Temperature Controlled for Safety. Examples include: Commercially bottled or canned beverages, packaged snacks such as potato chips, candy, popcorn, and other similar food so long as it is from an approved source.

If the samples are portioned, cut, or processed with the intent to sell the farm product, a health permit is required.

A Farm-to-Fork event, as allowed by Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 446, allows farms to hold farm-to-fork events in certain circumstances without being considered a food establishment for purposes of inspections by the health authority and other regulations; requiring such farms to register with the health authority.

Basic Requirements:

  • Farm-to-Fork Registration Application must be submitted to foodrev@snhd.org at least one week prior to the event.
  • Food prepared for a farm-to-fork event is for immediate consumption only.
  • Each guest must be provided with a notice which states that no inspection was conducted by a state or local heath department of the farm or the food.
  • Any meat served must be inspected by USDA or under the requirements of chapter 583 of NRS.
  • Food served at a farm-to-fork event must be prepared on the farm and from ingredients that are substantially produced on the farm.
  • Only two events a month are allowed.

A farm is required to obtain a health permit if the food product is manipulated beyond harvesting and sold to the general public or to another business. For example, if produce is dehydrated, juiced, chopped, made into extractions or teas, or otherwise processed with the intent to sell, a health permit is required unless it if for the purpose of a registered Farm-to-Fork Event.

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