///Childcare Permitting and Playground FAQ

Childcare Permitting and Playground FAQ

Anyone who prepares or contacts food, not prepared by the parent, must have a food handler card.

Yes, required at a 15:1 ratio, except infant rooms. The height of toilet is dependent on age group and number of toilets is dependent on how many children are in the room.

Toilet Fixtures

Age GroupHeight (Max from Rim)
Toddler (Potty Trained)11 in.
Preschool11 in.
School Age15 in.

No, hand sinks must be installed where handwashing can be monitored. They may be installed in both the restroom and classroom area.

No more than 15:1 children per hand sink is allowed. (Infant rooms excluded)

No, the height requirement of a hand sink fixture is based on the age group of the children.

Hand Washing Sink Fixtures

Age GroupWall Hung (max)Counter Drop-in* (max)
Toddler (Potty Trained)22 in.21 in.
Preschool24 in.22 in.
School Age26 in.24 in.

*Counter depths shall not be so great that children cannot easily reach the flow of water and faucet handles as appropriate for their age.

Yes, only in existing facilities. Step aids cannot be used in newly constructed facilities or those undergoing change of ownership or major remodel.

No, drinking water may be provided by other approved methods, such as pitchers of water or water bottles.

Yes, but only if it is a permanent structure which meets all Aquatic Health Regulations. The pool or spa must maintain an active health permit.

Yes, as long as the menu is limited and approved by SNHD, a commercial kitchen is not required. A limited menu consists of food that is commercially prepared and precooked, or pasteurized.

Any elevated surface for standing, walking, sitting or climbing, or a flat surface greater than 2″ wide by 2” long having an angle less than 30 degrees from horizontal.

A material used for protective surfacing in the use zone that consists of loose particles such as sand, gravel, approved wood fibers, or shredded rubber.

Equipment that children use when their feet remain in contact to ground surface do not require protective surfacing such as sand boxes, activity walls at ground level, and playhouses.

  1. Crush and shearing points
  2. Entanglement/Impalement
  3. Entrapment
  4. Sharp points, corners, and edges
  5. Suspended hazards
  6. Tripping hazards
  7. Used tires

No, smoking of any kind, including hookah, and the use of tobacco is prohibited on the premises and outdoor areas of any childcare facility.

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Updated on: July 11, 2021