Change of Permit Holder FAQ

In order to assist the transition of business, the Southern Nevada Health District will allow an open and operating facility to change permit holders without interruption of business, provided:

  1. An application for the new permit is submitted within 30 days of execution of the change of owner documents (deed, close of escrow, dealer’s report of sale, lease agreement, legal contract, etc.); Failure to submit the application within 30 days of execution of the change of ownership will result in assessment of additional fees.
  2. The facility stays within the same general food establishment category as the previous permit;
  3. The facility has not been physically altered, equipment added or removed, or menu changes that require new food handling procedures and equipment;
  4. The facility has not closed for extensive renovation or other reasons. If the facility has to close, the operator must apply for a new permit.

Yes, you are encouraged to make repairs, deep clean, and update the décor of an existing facility.  Equipment may also be replaced so long as it is of a similar size, make, and model.  If the facility remains closed for an extensive period of time or if changes are made to the equipment layout, a new permit with plan submission and review will be required.

Prospective owners are encouraged to review the records of the food establishment they are considering buying. You may submit a records request and ask for past inspection records.

Health District staff can also inspect prospective establishments prior to the sale or signing of a lease agreement with written permission from the current permit holder or property owner. A fee is charged for this service.  Call (702) 759–1258 and leave a message to schedule your pre-purchase inspection.

There is no “grandfather clause” which exempts a new owner from requirements in the regulation.  Each new owner is expected to come up to the current code.

Plans are usually not required for change of permit holder applicants.  After submitting an application packet and paying the invoice, an inspector will reach out to you to schedule a final permitting inspection. This inspection will typically occur within 30 days.

A Change of Permit Holder inspection is pass or fail. A passing score is 0-10 demerits with no imminent health hazards and that the person in charge demonstrates active managerial control of food safety hazards in the establishment. Should the inspection result in failure, the operation will be closed with a fee and a reinspection required. If a person in charge of a food establishment is unable to demonstrate food safety knowledge, a Food Safety Assessment Meeting will be required prior to reinspection.

If the Change of Permit Holder invoice is not paid within 3 business days, the facility will be closed until such time that payment is rendered and the health permit is approved.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-1258


Updated on: July 11, 2021