HACCP/Waiver Submission and Review Process

Detailed guidance documents are available to assist in creating the following types of plans:

Sous Vide
Two-Barrier ROP


A member of the Special Processes Team will meet with you to discuss your process. What is and is not allowable by regulation will be discussed and any work-arounds will be suggested. The team member will walk you through what is required for your specific waiver or plan and the electronic submission process. Please call (702) 759-0500 to make an appointment.


  • Go to the Electronic Submission page.
  • Complete the requested facility and contact information.
  • Upload required documents as detailed in the preliminary meeting and/or guidance documents found above. To upload documents, click “Add a File.”
    • NOTE: Additional sample or template documents can be found on the Documents Page.
  • Submit information by clicking the “Submit” button.
  • Plans submitted without the required items will not be accepted.


  • Once the information and documents have been received, a member of the Special Processes Team will contact the facility to schedule a meeting.
  • Prior to the meeting, the facility will be provided with an invoice for the initial review fees. These fees must be paid at the time of the meeting or before.
  • A cursory review of the plan/waiver will take place during the submission meeting.
  • Any corrections found during the cursory review will be provided at the time of the meeting.
    • A plan/waiver with 10 or more corrections will not be accepted for submission.
    • The responsibility for assessing and rectifying corrections falls upon the operator and/or consultant. The corrections identified  during the submission meeting must be provided to the Special Process Team prior to the detailed review.


  • Once the updated documents with corrections identified at the submission meeting are received, the Health District will review the plan/waiver in detail.
  • If additional corrections are identified, a corrections letter will be issued to the submitter.
  • Documents incorporating requested corrections must be re-submitted by the facility via e-mail.
  • This process of review, corrections, and submission will continue until all documents are compliant.


  • Once the plan/waiver documentation is in compliance, the facility will be provided with a field evaluation letter stating the submitted documents are in compliance and final approval of the plan/waiver is contingent upon a field evaluation. The requirements for the field evaluation are also stated in the letter.
    • The field evaluation is conducted at the facility to verify that the processes detailed in the plan/waiver can be implemented as written.
  • The facility will be provided with an invoice if there are outstanding fees. The fees must be paid prior to the field evaluation. The facility may also be provided with an invoice during the review process based on the amount of time required for the review.
  • The operator must contact the Health District to schedule the field evaluation after all requirements detailed in the letter are in place.


  • At the time of the field evaluation, if the processes can be successfully implemented, the plan/waiver will be approved. It will be documented during the evaluation that the plan/waiver can be implemented, and the process used.
    • If the facility does not demonstrate that the process can be properly implemented, the plan/waiver will not be approved. A survey form will be used to document the reason for the denial. A second field evaluation may be required with all applicable fees assessed.


After successful completion of the field evaluation, a formal letter will be issued to the facility detailing the approval of the plan/waiver and the facility’s responsibilities.


The initial review fees which must be paid at or before submission include:

  • $239.00 submittal fee for HACCP plan with or without a waiver including one permitted area (processing) and two hours of review time
  • $118.00 submittal fee for waiver only including one permitted area (processing) and one hour of review time
  • $50.00 per each HACCP plan additional permitted area (holding), if applicable
  • $10.00 per each waiver only additional permitted area (holding), if applicable
  • $196.00 (field evaluation fee)

Review fees:

  • $118 per hour of review time after the first two hours for HACCP plan review
  • $118 per hour of review time after the first hour for waiver review
  • $196.00 second field evaluation

For more information on HACCP plans, contact the Special Processes Team at (702) 759-0500 or email ehtrainingoffice@snhd.org.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0500


Updated on: May 29, 2019