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Food Establishment Operator Questions
NOTE: Please have your permit number ready to complete the form.

In 2016 the SNHD completed a baseline Risk Factor Study on restaurants based on FDA guidelines. This research study is designed to assess food safety procedures and practices in different types of foodservice and retail food store operations. In the restaurant segment, compliance data was collected during non-regulatory (ungraded) visits to 134 restaurants to observe and document practices and behaviors that relate to operational risk factors commonly associated with foodborne illness outbreaks. Data from this study may be used by the food industry and Federal, state, local, territories and tribal regulatory professionals to:

  • Establish priorities and allocate resources to enhance retail food safety nationwide;
  • Track changes in the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors in retail and foodservice establishments over time; and
  • Recommend best practices and targeted intervention strategies to reduce foodborne illness risk factors

Download the Baseline Restaurant Risk Factor Study Report 2016

Environmental Health Food Establishment Operations staff is responsible for the regulation and inspection of food establishments in Clark County.

Once a health permit to operate a food establishment is approved through the Plan Review process, the permitted food establishment is inspected periodically by health district staff to assure ongoing compliance with pertinent sections of these regulations.

Visit the Regulations webpage to download all available food establishment regulations.

Please visit the inspection process webpage for information.

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Telephone: (702) 759-0588


Updated on: October 29, 2019

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