//Unpermitted Vendors

Unpermitted Vendors

Unpermitted vendors include any person selling any type of food without a health permit and business license. This can occur from a residence, a vehicle, a shopping cart, a table in a park or on a street corner.

Street vendors typically stand on a neighborhood street corner with bags of fruits and vegetables. With the exception of swap meets and farmers’ markets, street vendors are illegal everywhere in Clark County. While purchasing from these unpermitted vendors is a health risk, the real danger is that by purchasing from street vendors you may be enabling human trafficking and slavery.

During routine investigation into unpermitted vendors, the Health District and law enforcement uncovered a disturbing fact: these street vendors have been sold into slavery by handlers or ‘coyotes’ who illegally bring them to the United States. Health District inspectors have found victims as old as 88 and as young as 13.

The Health District is working with Metro and the Anti-Trafficking League Against Slavery to identify and rescue these victims of human trafficking. To report an unpermitted vendor, call the Environmental Health Division at (702) 759-0523, or to speak with someone in Spanish please call (702) 759-0674. For more information on the Anti-Trafficking League Against Slavery visit their website at www.endslaveryandtrafficking.org.

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-0523


Updated on: February 9, 2022

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