Instructions for Submission of Application to Obtain a Consolidated Grade Card (CGC)

Operators must submit a completed application to the Southern Nevada Health Districh for approval. Applications should be submitted on-line, through our website, by e-mail, by regular mail, fax or in person at our 280 S. Decatur Blvd. location.

The following conditions apply:

    • The privilege of using a CGC will be reserved for operators with a history of compliance with SNHD regulations.
    • The application must be signed and dated by a representative of the facility and must include a list of all outlets which will participate in the process of obtaining a CGC.
    • Any future changes or modifications to the list of participating outlets must be submitted to SNHD for approval by checking the appropriate box at the top of the application.
    • SNHD will notify the operator in writing of approval or denial. If an operator is not granted approval, an SNHD letter will state the reason(s) for denial.
    • Upon approval, SNHD will provide an electronic copy of the signed and completed CGC to the operator.

Upon approval, operators must adhere to the following requirements at all times:

    1. Operators shall make an appointment with the assigned inspector to conduct an initial survey of the outlet in order to identify the specific location where the CGC must be posted to remain in compliance with SNHD regulations.
    2. If a frame is used to hold the CGC, the frame will be designed to make the CGC easily accessible to the inspector at the conclusion of every inspection.
    3. Operators must have the ability to access PDF files in a computer and print the CGCs in color, immediately upon the inspector’s request.
    4. The CGC must list all associated permit names and numbers with no more than 14 permits listed per card.  A second CGC must be posted to list any remaining permits for the specific outlet.
    5. Operators must have the ability to provide the CGC immediately upon the inspector’s request.
    6. The CGC must be posted at the specified locations within 30 calendar days of the initial survey and immediately after inspections are conducted in the future.
    7. Any permitted area that receives a B or C downgrade must post a regular B or C card adjacent to the CGC.
    8. Permit names and numbers receiving a downgrade will be removed from the CGC.
    9. If a permit is closed, the SNHD closure sign must be posted next to the CGC.
    10. If any of the above requirements or conditions can’t be met, SNHD reserves the right to issue individual SNHD grade cards during any visit, which shall be posted immediately following the inspection.
    11. Operators must relinquish all old single SNHD grade cards applicable to inspector after receiving the new signed CGC.
    12. Any suspected case of fraud of forgery by the operator or its representatives may result in suspension or termination of this privilege.
    13. If the operator wishes to discontinue use of the CGC card after approval has been granted, SNHD must be notified in writing by submitting a new application, and checking the appropriate box at the top of the application. Then, the operator must make an appointment with the assigned inspector to replace the CGCs with original single grade cards.
    14. SNHD reserves the right to terminate this privilege at any time.

Contact Information

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Updated on: January 11, 2019