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Consolidated Grade Cards (CGC)

Fact Sheet

What is a CGC?
A Consolidated Grade Card (CGC) is a modification of the original Southern Nevada Health District “A” grade card for those operators with multiple permits in one facility. Some facilities have as many as five to 12 permits or more in one establishment and posting numerous grade cards conspicuously can become a challenge. The CGC allows consolidation of up to 14 permits onto one grade card. A second CGC can be posted to list any remaining permits.

Can I use the CGC?
The Health District will approve the use of the CGCs for operators with a history of compliance with Health District regulations. Operators may apply for approval by completing the CONSOLIDATED GRADE CARD APPLICATION. Refer to the INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION TO OBTAIN A CONSOLIDATED GRADE CARD. If approved, the operator will be notified in writing. The operator must have the ability to print the CGC in color on 8 ½ x 11 inch plain white paper at the facility at all times of operation. Old grade cards must be relinquished to the Health District when the CGC is posted.

How long will it take to replace my old grade cards with CGCs?
After approval, call your inspector to make an appointment. Your inspector will visit your facility and show you where the CGC must be posted. For large casinos with multiple outlets, the inspector will conduct a survey of each outlet where the operator wants to use the CGC. The inspector will identify specific locations where the CGCs must be posted to remain in compliance with Health District regulations. The CGC must be posted within 30 calendar days of the inspector’s visit.

What if I am already using the CGC in accordance with a memorandum of understanding (MoU)?
Operators with existing CGCs used in accordance with MoUs must apply for approval as stated above. When approved or denied, the operators’ existing MoUs with the Health District will be terminated simultaneously on approval/denial date. If approved, the existing CGCs shall be replaced with the new signed CGCs. If denied, the existing CGCs will be replaced with the original grade cards within 30 days.

What happens if I get a downgrade?
Operators who receive “B “or “C” grades or closures must post regular “B” or “C” grade cards or closure sign next to the CGC. The permit(s) receiving the downgrade(s) or closure will be removed from the CGC. Once the operator passes a re-inspection, a new CGC will be posted with all permits listed.

What if I get approved to use the CGC, but want to go back to the old grade cards?
If the operator wishes to discontinue use of CGCs after approval has been granted, the operator must submit another application and mark the “DISCONTINUE USE” box at the top right hand corner of the application. The operator shall make an appointment with the assigned inspector to replace CGCs with original grade cards.

In the event that the CGC cannot be produced by the operator, the inspector may issue the individual Health District grade cards. All cases of suspected fraud or forgery by the operator or its representatives may result in suspension or termination of privileges to use the CGC.

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Updated on: March 6, 2019

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