Section 9 — Health Permits

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9.1 Tattoo establishment Health Permit required

All tattoo establishments must have a current and valid tattoo establishment Health Permit issued by the Health Authority in order to operate.

9.2 Tattoo establishment Health Permit exemptions and prohibitions

9.2.1 A physician, or a person working under the direct supervision of a physician, performing tattooing procedures in the physician’s office or clinic, is exempt from these Regulations.

9.2.2 No Health Permits shall be issued to private residences, including apartments, condominiums, multi-family or single-family dwellings for tattooing activities.

9.2.3 Anyone applying tattoos to another person in any location in Southern Nevada, other than an approved, Health Permitted tattoo establishment or Special Event is in violation of these Regulations and will be ordered to cease and desist all activities. If the individual also holds a Tattoo Operator Health Card, the Tattoo Operator Health Card is subject to suspension and possible revocation if that tattoo operator engages in any prohibited activities.

9.3 Applications for and issuance of tattoo establishment Health Permits to operate

9.3.1 Prior to commencing the operation of any tattoo establishment, the responsible person or persons, business entity, or agent must make written application for a tattoo establishment Health Permit on forms provided by the Health Authority, pay all applicable fees, and receive written approval from the Health Authority to operate. Application forms may be found in Appendix G or online at www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org.

9.3.2 When making application for a tattoo establishment Health Permit, the following information and items must be brought to the Health Authority for review and/or approval: The name, location address, and mailing address of the tattoo establishment; A statement indicating whether the applicant is a natural person, firm, or corporation, and; The applicant’s full name, mailing address, and signature or that of a representative designated by them, if the applicant is a firm or corporation; The name of the responsible person/point of contact of the tattoo establishment and contact information such as addresses and phone numbers and signature, if different from the applicant or applicant’s representative; Proof of ownership or lease agreement for the property and buildings on which the tattoo establishment is or will be built or located; A floor plan and specification of the tattoo establishment as it is proposed to be operated. If under new construction or major remodel, any construction plans, schedules, schematics, or drawings, may be provided by the applicant for consideration prior to formal plan review; The proposed hours of operation; The names of all employees and their exact duties; A complete description of all tattoo services to be provided; An exact inventory of all tattoo equipment to be utilized, including names of manufacturers. If the establishment intends to use items that require sterilization, a steam, chemical, or dry heat sterilizer registered and listed with the FDA or equivalent foreign governmental agency, spore tested within thirty (30) days of the Health Permit Application, must be at the establishment prior to the Health Permit being issued; Names and addresses of all suppliers of tattoo equipment and supplies.

9.4 Tattoo establishment Health Permit issuance

9.4.1 If the Health Authority determines, after plan review, investigation, and inspection, that the proposed establishment can be operated in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations, a Health Permit may be issued to the applicant.

9.4.2 All Health Permits shall be renewed annually. Their issuance is conditional upon strict compliance with these Regulations.

9.4.3 Health Permits may be revoked or suspended for violation of these Regulations in accordance with the procedures set forth in Section 14.

9.4.4 Health Permits are not transferable from person to person or location to location.

9.5 Tattoo establishment Health Permit fee schedule

Pursuant to NRS 439.360(5), and under the authority of NRS 439.410(3), the District Board of Health adopts by reference, the current Health Permit Fee Schedule as it applies to tattoo establishments.

9.6 Tattoo establishment Health Permit posted

9.6.1 The current tattoo establishment Health Permit must be posted in plain view of the general public and shall not be altered or defaced in any manner.

9.6.2 The Health Permit holder must also post, in public view within the premises, next to the Health Permit, a disclosure statement approved by the Health Authority which advises of the risks and possible consequences of tattoo procedures. (See Appendix H for Public Notice).

9.6.3 Copies of these Regulations must also be prominently displayed in any Health Permitted tattoo establishment.

9.7 Failure to Comply with Health Permit requirements

Failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter may result in Tattoo Operator Health Card suspension, tattoo establishment Health Permit suspension and/or an administrative hearing.

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