///FAQ – Aquatic Facility Regulations

FAQ – Aquatic Facility Regulations

Do the new requirements in the regulations apply to every pool?2019-05-17T15:07:19-07:00

The bulk of the regulation (Section 2) applies to new facilities and substantial alteration (major remodel) only, unless otherwise stated. Sections 3 through 5 apply to all facilities.

Is every facility required to put depth markers on top of the deck?2019-05-17T15:11:47-07:00

This is not required for existing facilities unless a substantial alteration or a deck remodel occurs. 

Is every facility required to have automated controllers/chemical feed equipment?2019-05-28T10:56:41-07:00

This is not required for existing facilities unless a substantial alteration or a disinfectant feeder remodel occurs. 

Are HOA and apartment venues exempt from the requirements once the Regulations go into effect?2019-05-17T15:17:08-07:00

No. Every permitted facility is subject to the requirements of the Aquatic Facility Regulations.

Do all qualified operators have to get nationally certified?2019-05-28T10:29:10-07:00

Yes. Please see the Qualified Operators page for more information.

Do qualified operators still need a card for each facility they work at?2019-05-17T15:19:46-07:00

No. A Qualified Operator who has registered with SNHD may work at as many facilities as they wish. 

Does an individual need to be certified to check chemicals?2019-05-17T15:21:15-07:00

No, but no person other than a qualified operator may maintain or adjust water quality, pool/spa equipment, etc. 

What is meant by “on-site staff?”2019-05-17T15:24:45-07:00

A facility with on-site staff includes facilities with an office with dedicated personnel who can be found in the office while the facility is in operation. This does not include facilities with temporary or seasonal staff. 

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