///Substantially Similar / Like Replacement

Substantially Similar / Like Replacement

From the 2018 SNHD Aquatic Facility Regulations, “substantially similar” means the replacement of equipment that has identical hydraulic characteristics and performs to the same manufacturer’s specifications.

Substantially similar equipment replacements are identical in function and performance, but not the same make/model, to the outgoing equipment. Like equipment replacements are identical in all aspects, including function, make, and model number.

When replacing substantially similar equipment, a Substantially Similar Equipment Replacement Form must be submitted to aquatic@snhd.org for review prior to installation, and appropriate fees must be paid. After the review is completed and equivalency has been determined, the installation may proceed. If the review determines that the equipment is not substantially similar, a non-substantial alteration may be required.

Common equipment replacements that may not qualify as substantially similar:

  • Replacement pumps with the same horsepower as the outgoing pump
  • Replacement filters with the same filtration area as the outgoing filter
  • Replacement heaters with the same size (BTU) as the outgoing heater
  • Most situations where a manufacturer has discontinued a piece of equipment and their “replacement” in the catalog does not share identical hydraulic characteristics

In all cases, the function of the equipment is similar, but if the hydraulic characteristics are not identical using the head-loss chart provided by the manufacturer, approval will not be granted.

Like equipment replacements can be conducted without review or approval from SNHD. However, the permitholder must submit notification of the equipment change to aquatic@snhd.org within five business days of installation to update SNHD records. There are no fees associated with like equipment replacements

The permitholder accepts responsibility for proper and immediate replacement if the equipment installed is not deemed to be the appropriate replacement by SNHD.

An office advisory plan review fee will be assessed for each substantially similar equipment review, in accordance with the fees published in the Environmental Health Fee Schedule.

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Updated on: December 6, 2021

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