New Construction & Major Remodels

New construction or substantial alteration plan review is required when:

  • Constructing a new aquatic venue or aquatic facility
  • Completely removing and replacing an existing aquatic venue
  • Substantially altering an existing aquatic venue – i.e., altering the shell; complete plumbing replacement; etc.

Please be aware that the initial review for new construction and substantial alteration submittals will be completed approximately 45 days following plan submission. Initial review of plans does not guarantee approval, and resubmittal of plans and additional review time may be required. There is no expedited process for this review.

To ensure that you meet your deadlines for project completion, please submit your plans and applications as early as possible in advance of the start of construction to accommodate the process outlined below. Rejection of any application or plans due to errors or incomplete submittals, changes in design, or a failure of any required inspection will delay the review process.

Typical Delays in the Plan Review Process

We thoroughly review all aspects of submissions for compliance with the regulations. The following are common mistakes to avoid with your submission:

  • Incomplete or missing information from plans or applications
  • Inconsistencies between plans and applications
  • Incorrect equipment or pipe sizing
  • Changes in design, volume, or dimensions between plan submission
  • Emergency egress conflicts
  • Insufficient lighting/photometric details

The permitting process consists of the following activities:

  1. Preliminary meeting (if requested by the facility)
  2. Application intake meeting
  3. Initial plans and application review (30 business day review time)
  4. Initial review comments returned to applicant
    1. Review of any corrections or plans resubmittals (if needed – additional review time required)
    2. Reviewer comments regarding corrections or resubmittals sent to applicant (if needed)
  5. Construction inspections scheduled by facility
    1. Excavation and Plumbing
    2. Pre-plaster
    3. Final permitting inspection

The application and plans must be submitted to the health district before the start of any project by:

  • a professional engineer registered in the state of Nevada,
  • an architect registered in the state of Nevada, or
  • a licensed contractor who holds a classification A license with an A-10 sub-classification issued by the Nevada State Contractors Board, or who is Nevada registered or licensed to practice their respective design profession as defined by the state of Nevada.

Application Specifics*

The following documents should be reviewed and submitted with the application, if applicable.


  • All fees must be paid at the time of submission.
  • An intake meeting will be scheduled with the applicant to submit documents. Failure to submit required documents at the intake meeting will result in delays of the plan review process and may result in additional fees

Phone: (702) 759-0572

Aquatic Health Program Offices are located at the City of Las Vegas Development Services Center


Updated on: May 28, 2019