Hydraulics are an important part of any aquatic venue functionality. Aquatic venues must meet prescribed Maximum Allowable Turnover Times defined in the 2018 Aquatic Facility Regulations, Section 2-502.9:

“TURNOVER” means the period of time, usually expressed in hours, required to circulate a volume of water equal to the capacity of the AQUATIC VENUE. Pool Type and Turnover Cycle

Type of Aquatic VenueTurnover Maximum
Activity Pools4 hours
Diving Pools6 hours
Interactive Water Play Venues*0.5 hours
Isolation/Floatation Units*4 Turnovers between users
Lazy Rivers4 hours
Runout Slides4 hours
Wading Pools*0.5 hours
Child Amusement Lagoons*0.5 hours
Wave Pools4 hours
All Other Pools6 hours
All Spas0.5 hours
Surf PoolsSubmit Engineering Justification from Equipment Manufacturer
*Shall have secondary disinfection systems

Documents to Submit

All forms below must be filled out and submitted by the appropriate person (engineer, architect, etc.)

Additional forms to be completed only when appropriate for system:


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Updated on: May 28, 2019

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