///Farm-to-Fork Operation Registration

Farm-to-Fork Operation Registration

In May, 2013, the Nevada Legislature passed, and the Governor signed, the Farm-to-Fork Bill (AB 200 ), exempting certain farm-to-fork events as food establishments as defined in NRS 446. The law language is filed under Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 446 and became effective July 1, 2013.

Farm-to-fork events, as allowed by AB200, are defined as events organized on a farm where prepared food is provided for immediate consumption to paying guests and that meets the requirements of section three of the act.

Section 3.5 of the act requires the operators of a farm wishing to host farm-to-fork events to register with the health authority. In Clark County the Southern Nevada Health District is the health authority.

An application must be completed as part of this registration process. The application will receive administrative review and will be approved and accepted based on compliance with the requirements of the act. No fees will be charged for this registration program.

It is highly recommended that applicants educate themselves in regard to safe food handling principles and practices. According to AB200, the operators of a farm-to-fork event may be held financially responsible for the cost of the complaint and/or foodborne illness investigation, if found to be valid. Visit the Food Safety Training webpage to complete the optional food safety training. A fee of $20 applies.

The health district will evaluate the registration application package submitted for compliance with the following items as required by AB200:

  • A farm-to-fork event must occur on the premises of a farm, and be sponsored by the farm owner or operator;
  • Components/ingredients of the meal must be substantially produced on the farm, and may include produce and meat from poultry and rabbit raised and slaughtered on the farm;
  • A consumer advisory must be provided to customers before consumption of the meal stating that “No inspection was conducted by a state or local health department of the farm or the food to be consumed”;
  • Once approved, the registration will be finalized and entered into the database. A formal letter will be sent advising the applicant that the farm-to-fork event is registered. No further correspondence will be sent and fees will be due unless a complaint regarding illness, injury, or adulterated food is received.

A farm which holds more than two events in any month that would otherwise qualify as farm-to-fork events becomes a food establishment for the remainder of that calendar year and is subject to all of the requirements of this chapter and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto concerning food establishments.

If a complaint regarding illness, injury or adulterated food is received, an investigation will be conducted and determination made as to the validity of the complaint. If a complaint is confirmed, a confirmed complaint fee will be charged.

In addition, if a full epidemiological investigation is conducted in due to a foodborne illness compliant, the actual cost to the public for the investigation will be calculated and charged to the farm owners.

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Updated on: April 11, 2019