/What should I do if an imminent health hazard occurs at my food establishment?

Immediately notify the health district and voluntarily discontinue operations. The health district will discuss the hazard with you and may approve a contingency plan.

If you fail to notify the health district and continue operations during an imminent health hazard, you will be issued a cease and desist order. You will also be assessed fees and required to pass an inspection, with fewer than 10 demerits and no identical repeat critical or major violations prior to reopening.

If your facility is closed for excessive violations with a history of non-compliance, including repeat critical or major violations, you may be required to attend a supervisory conference before an inspection to reopen the facility. Additionally, you will be required to pay all applicable fees before the inspection.

When in doubt, contact the health district food inspection operations office that inspects your establishment.

If a hazard occurs outside our regular business hours, call our 24-hour phone number (702) 759-1600, choose the Environmental Health option and then press ‘1’ to speak with an after-hours inspector.

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