/Summer Safety

Summer Safety

Warmer weather means more time spent being active and exploring the great outdoors. The health district has compiled a list of tips and resources to help keep you and your family healthy and safe this summer:

10 ways to protect you and your family this summer:

    1. Use sunscreen and reapply as needed.
    2. Drink plenty of water.
    3. Wear a hat or sit in a shaded area when outside during daylight.
    4. Use mosquito repellant, and avoid spending time outside at or dawn when mosquitoes are most active.
    5. Eliminate areas of standing water, such as bird baths and unmaintained pools.
    6. Never leave children or pets in a parked car for any amount of time.
    7. Provide constant adult supervision while children are in the pool.
    8. Ensure responsible family members are trained in CPR and first aid.
    9. Instruct children to avoid swallowing pool water.
    10. Do not swim if you are ill with diarrhea.

Check out these resources for more in-depth information on summer safety topics:

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Updated on: January 4, 2022

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