As used in this guideline, unless the context otherwise requires, these words and terms shall be defined as follows:

Summary of abbreviations and acronyms used in this document:

  • CDC — Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • cfu/ml — colony forming unit per milliliter
  • DIIS — Disease Investigation and Intervention Specialist
  • EH — Environmental Health
  • EHD — Environmental Health Division
  • EHS — Environmental Health Specialist
  • NAC — Nevada Administrative Code
  • NRS — Nevada Revised Statutes
  • OOE — Office of Epidemiology
  • PAPR — Powered Air-Purifying Respirator
  • PPE — Personal Protective Equipment
  1. “Case” defined. A case is a person having legionellosis (Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac fever).
  2. “Case classification” defined. Case classification is the method by which cases are categorized for the purposes of improving the specificity of reporting between public health agencies.
  3. “Environmental Assessment” defined. An environmental assessment is a detailed component of an overall environmental investigation to determine the source of potential Legionella reservoirs causing exposure within a facility. The results of the environmental assessment may be documented on a form provided by the CDC.
  4. “Exposure” defined. Exposure means contact with a biological, chemical, radiological or other agent or situation that can affect health. For the purpose of this guideline, the agent of concern is Legionella, a biological agent present in water and transmitted through the inhalation of aerosolized water droplets or direct aspiration of water.
  5. “Fixture” defined. A fixture is a device connected to the hot or cold water supply system or both and which is connected to the wastewater collection system and/or its disposal. This includes, but is not limited to a bathtub (with or without overhead shower), a shower stall, a bidet, a commode (toilet or water closet), a sink (kitchen sink or lavatory) or a dishwasher. Each device listed is considered a separate fixture. A bathtub/shower combination served by the same stack will be considered one fixture, to be sampled at the showerhead.

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