//Special Event Information for Promoters

Special Event Information for Promoters

The health districts Office of Emergency Medical Services & Trauma System (OEMSTS) regulates the permitting and licensure of emergency medical services in Clark County. The regulatory purview of the OEMSTS does not extend to federal lands.

Each year hundreds of special events are held in Clark County. Some event promoters request or require emergency medical coverage to be present during the event.

If the medical coverage requested is more advanced than basic first aid, then a permitted ambulance service should be contacted to provide the medical coverage.

Only permitted agencies are authorized to provide Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced (paramedic) level of coverage in Clark County, excluding federal lands. For a list of permitted agencies in Clark County, visit the Permitted Agencies webpage.

  1. EMS Regulations Section 1150 Special Event Medical Coverage (08/25/2014)
  2. District Procedure for Special Event Medical Plan Approval (08/25/2014)
  3. Special Event Medical Plan Approval Packet (11/25/2019) NEW
  4. Special Event Medical Inventory (04/18/2017)

Contact Information

Phone: (702) 759-1050

Location & Hours
280 S. Decatur Blvd.

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Updated on: December 2, 2019

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