//Used Mattresses and Bedding FAQs

Used Mattresses and Bedding FAQs

What is included in the term “bedding”?2018-09-10T14:23:46-07:00

Mattresses, mattress pads, quilted pads , bunk quilts, comforters, pillows, sheets, blankets, and any other contaminated or soiled article of bedding or materials used in the filling of any of the above or similar articles.

What methods of sterilization/disinfection are approved for use?2018-09-10T14:24:57-07:00
  • Thorough washing and disinfection/sterilization by prolonged boiling for at least 1 hour.
  • Steam delivered at equal to or greater than 15 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure for at least 30 minutes. A gauge for registering steam pressure, visible from the outside of the room, must be provided where steam under pressure is used.
  • Two applications of streaming steam maintained for 1 hour each to be applied at intervals of not less than 6 hours or more than 24 hours will be accepted as an alternate for steam under pressure for disinfection of mattress materials or made-up mattresses. When streaming steam is employed, outlets with valves must be provided near the bottom and top of the room used for this purpose.
  • Application of a chemical pesticide registered with or exempted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and registered with the State Department of Agriculture for that purpose.
  • Exposure to a dry heat environment for 1.25 hours at a temperature of 230°F or 205°F for 1.5 hours. All chambers shall be equipped with racks or devices and the articles to be sterilized / disinfected shall be so placed therein so that complete circulation of heat and gases around every article being sterilized / disinfected shall be attained.
  • An alternate method may be presented to the local health authority and may be approved based on review of the method.NOTE: All methods outlined presuppose that the outside mattress covers have been inspected for and found to be free of filth, staining, or soiling under natural and ultraviolet light, OR that the mattress covers will be subsequently laundered using a chemical disinfectant or removed and replaced with new material.
Are there any general facility requirements?2018-09-10T14:25:37-07:00

Yes. All premises, rooms, chambers and devices used for the purpose of disinfection / sterilization must be kept in a clean and orderly condition, free from accumulated dust, dirt and other filth and must be kept free of vermin.

Are there limitations as to where I can source my mattresses?2018-09-10T14:26:15-07:00

Yes. No articles or materials obtained from public dump grounds, junkyards or hospitals may be reused in the manufacturing, making or renovating of mattresses, bed coverings, pillows, cushions or any other similar bedding that may be used for sleeping purposes unless a special permit is obtained from the State Health Officer or his or her authorized agents.

Can my registration be suspended or revoked?2018-09-10T14:27:02-07:00

Yes. If the Health Authority finds sufficient cause based upon a complaint investigation, the Health Authority. Correction of the issues and reinspection of the facility are required to restore the health permit to good standing. For serious or repeated violations of any of the requirements of these Regulations, or for interference with the Health Authority in the performance of their duties, the registration may be permanently revoked after an opportunity for a hearing has been provided by the Health Authority.

Could I be fined if I do not register my mattress refurbishing business?2018-09-10T14:27:45-07:00

Yes. Failure to register may result in a case being brought to the Environmental Health Hearing Officer. If a defendant is found to be in violation of regulation and statue, they may be fined $250-$500 for a first offense. In determining the penalty, the Hearing Officer will evaluate the economic benefit to the violator, the gravity of the violation, the environmental impact and public impact of the violation.

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