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Special Events

A Special Event is a transitory public gathering that takes place at a given location for a specific purpose. It has a defined start and stop date, with the given event not exceeding 14 consecutive days.

An Event Coordinator (EC) is a designated person or the person assigned by the event sponsor who is responsible for the coordination of the food vendors and health related services at the Special Event.

An Event Coordinator Permit is required when there is more than one temporary food establishment, annual itinerant, mobile vendor or other food booth, and:

  • The special event is being operated on the Event Coordinator�s own property with outside food or beverage vendors participating, or
  • The special event is being conducted on property not owned or operated by the Event Coordinator, with outside vendors providing food or beverage. If the special event occurs on private property, a permission letter from the property owner shall be obtained and submitted to the health district as part of the application process.
  • A tasting event where an entrance fee entitles the consumer to food or beverage service in conjunction with the event and where there may be no point of sale directly at the booths. Examples include wine tastings, chili cook-offs and tastings associated with trade shows.

Special Events fall into 2 broad categories:

  • Traditional Special Events where the majority of the food service is provided by food vendors who obtain their own food permitting through the Southern Nevada Health District and there is usually point of sale with the individual food service vendor. Information, application, and Traditional Special Events checklist
  • Tasting Events where compensation is collected up front and entitles the consumer to food/beverage service associated with the event. The �tasting� booths typically do not have point of sales at the individual service areas. Information, application, and Tasting Events checklist

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Updated on: October 11, 2018

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